These Menu Design Tips Will Make Customers Buy More


The key ingredient to running a successful restaurant business is a well-designed menu. The restaurant’s menu will not only help them make a profit but also simplify the ordering process for their customers. A fresh cafe in whangarei is more than just a list of your dishes. It can be a way to sell your dishes if it is well planned.

Stellar Restaurant Menu Design Tips

Menu engineering is a complex process. Here are the seven design rules that delight customers and encourage them to spend more.

Promote the Most Profitable Products

The most profitable item you sell is one that requires very few ingredients and can be prepared quickly. The customer should see this item on their menu cards or present it as a special daily or weekly item. To entice customers to place it on the “Chef’s favorite” section,

Use Relative Pricing

Your menu design will be more successful if you consider the psychology and needs of your customer. Management of restaurants is an integral part of menu engineering. Customers will be more inclined to choose cheaper items than those with a higher price. You can place your low-profit but high-quality dish next to a more expensive one that perfectly complements it. You can highlight the costly dish that complements the cheaper item and make your guests want to order more.

Control the menu size

A large menu with too many options may confuse customers. You can reduce the size of the menu, reduce the number of raw ingredients, improve staff efficiency, and help customers make quick decisions. To beat your competitors, you can also offer unique local specials.

The Menu Design should be simple.

The layout of your menu must be simple and not cluttered. You can divide the Restaurant Menu into sections using lines or boxes, such as Starters and Drinks, Desserts, Pizzas/Pasta, Sweets, or both. The font used for the restaurant menu should look bold, attractive, and visible. The restaurant’s overall design should be reflected in the menu’s theme. You can achieve a food-centric feel for the menu card and create an atmosphere that connects people to the food. However, too many graphics can distract from the main menu items and look unprofessional.

Do not skip the description.

Many customers might not be familiar with exotic delicacies. A brief description explaining the dish’s key ingredients can help guests decide what they want and what they should order. Images of the dish can be added, but the dish must live up to the description.


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