Tips for Water Heater Installation and Maintenance


Water heaters, or geysers, are as delicate as other electronic devices. Although manufacturers make the best parts to withstand constant heating and cooling, it is important to remember that even the most durable parts can be damaged by continuous pressure. We will discuss tips and tricks for water heater maintenance to extend its lifespan despite regular expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling.

Here are some things to remember when installing a geyser or water heater

There is plenty of space around the geyser.

Remember to leave enough space between the water heater and walls when installing it. The technician will not be able to service or repair the water heater properly if there is insufficient space between the apparatus and the walls. 

It should also be easy to access if you need it repaired or serviced. Although some people place the geyser on top of the toilet for easier access, it makes it difficult for technicians to reach the device. It is better to place it on a wall with nothing below the geyser, away from damp areas such as the toilet, shower, or bathtub. You or anyone else can access it easily with a small stool for rinnai hot water cylinders.

Place the water heater at an appropriate height.

Experts recommend that the geyser be installed at least 1.8m (6 feet) above the ground. This will ensure that your water pressure is adequate and that you have strong hot water flow from the tap rather than a trickle.

Switches and electrical connections:

Ensure the geyser has a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) that cuts off electricity during power fluctuations. This will reduce the chances of a short circuit in your water heater. Keep the switch at an appropriate height so that children are not in direct contact with it. However, you should not be able to reach it from a high place where adults or children may have problems.

We now know the best precautions for installing a water heater. Let’s take a look at some maintenance tips to help maintain it.

Water heater maintenance tips

The geyser should not be left on for prolonged periods.

People prefer to leave the geyser on for longer, especially in the morning. It is generally believed that everyone will need warm water before going to work or school. Keeping the geyser running will help save time. While this may have been true once, in a while, today’s geysers heat water in just 5 minutes. It is better to turn the geyser off for 5 minutes before you use it and not wait half an hour. Your heater’s life expectancy can be extended by regular water heater maintenance.

Lowering the temperature can help you save more electricity.

It is vital to maintain your water heater. You will also save electricity! You can set the temperature lower so that water reaches that temperature quicker. A lower temperature will mean the geyser has to work less, increasing its lifespan. Warm water is better than hot water and will help reduce the chance of accidental burns. Families with small children should lower the thermostat. This is especially important because you will need hot water in winter.

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