Top Tips for Using a Floor Sander


A random orbital sander is the best machine for floor sanding at home. It has a large rectangular base like this one. The Clarke-American random orbitalsanders with large rectangular pads have been the easiest to use. These are available at most rental centers.

Sander Base Pads

Rectangular pads attach the random orbital-sander base to provide cushioning for the abrasive sheet. The four-disk units are not equipped with padding, or none, under the disks. This reduces the area available for sanding and slows down the process.

Sander Abrasive Sheets

The pads are attached by abrasive sheets. It is important that the machine runs at maximum speed when it is lowered to the ground. It is important to not move the machine too fast across the floor. Keep the machine on the floor and never turn it off.

Circular Scratches

Circular scratches can be caused by moving the sander too quickly along the surface or turning the sander off and on while the pad rests on the floor. While they may not be obvious while you sand, they will show up when you apply the finish.

Extension Cord

Ask your rental shop for a suitable-sized extension cord for the floor sander in auckland. Secure it to the pigtail as shown to prevent accidental shutdowns. Be sure to follow all safety precautions and manufacturer warnings when operating any power tool or electrical equipment.

Orbital Palm Sander

You can use a smaller orbital palm sander and a scraper to trim the floor’s perimeter. Consider renting a professional floor-sanding edger for large jobs.

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