Are New Construction Home Inspections Really Necessary?


There are many reasons why people choose to buy new construction homes. They may do it because they can move out of central town or have an enormous backyard in a new area. Many people believe they will get all they want in a house once they work with a builder to have it custom-made. Many people are content to forget about the issues that can arise from homes built decades ago. They won’t have to do a home inspection if they purchase a new house.

Wrong. New Construction Inspection in Cape Coral are just as crucial in many cases as pre-existing homes. A home may look great when you do a walk-through of the frame, but problems can occur at any moment. This is why property inspection should be considered for any home you think of building.

Corners are a favorite of house builders.

What is the purpose of a home-builder? To make money. This means they will often use less expensive lumber, which might be warped, and they will hire the cheapest electrician they can. Because they want to get the job done quickly, they will often rush the project.

It would be wonderful if all builders took the time to train their staff correctly and only used high-quality materials. These problems can be detected before the drywall is put up.

Code is only sometimes followed.

Like contractors, counties and cities are always trying to save money. This can be done by hiring fewer inspectors to ensure that everything meets the code. It also means that inspectors can spend more time performing their duties. Because housebuilders know what is most important to building inspectors, they will do their shoddy work in areas that might be difficult for a government inspector to inspect.

Remember that your home must meet minimum code requirements if it is subject to government inspection. Do you want your house to meet minimum standards when paying hundreds of thousands for it? During our house inspection, we will let you know if we find parts that need to be put up to code.

There are always problems to be aware of

You might be tempted to think that a new home will not have the same problems as older houses if it is built. New places cannot have sewer or drain problems!

We are here to inform you that new houses may have the same problems as old houses. Older homes might have drain and sewer pipes that aren’t working correctly, but they could be fine if they stay clean for at least 25 years.

However, new houses need to be more sufficiently tested systems. Drains have yet to be exposed to water, so it’s impossible to predict how they will perform when someone uses the washer and dishwasher. The electrical systems of new homes are still under load. They might have yet to be exposed to high winds depending on when they were built. New construction inspections make it more likely that problems will be caught.

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