Radon Gas: Could It Be Threatening the Students at Your School?


Radon, a radioactive gas that can lead to lung cancer, is something many people consider and test for in their homes. We feel that we have taken the right steps to ensure the safety and health of our loved ones. We often forget that children spend eight hours per day and five days per week at school, where the dangers of Radon may be just as real.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), high levels have been detected in schools all across the country.

What can you do to help? Ask your school officials, state legislators, and the local school board to radon inspection in nashville tn. The Radon Company offers professional, certified testing.

Radon exposure is more dangerous for children.

Children are more at risk for radiation doses than adults due to lung size and shape differences. Children have a higher rate of breathing than adults.

  • Exposure to Radon can lead to lung cancer in children twice as often as in adults.
  • Children who smoke tobacco are at greater risk of developing lung cancer than those who don’t.

The EPA estimates that more than 70,000 schoolrooms have high radon levels in the short term. This is based on a nationwide survey. The EPA estimates that over 70,000 schoolrooms have high levels of short-term radon em>

Radon levels are more likely to rise in cold weather because they tend to shift higher in school children. This is because most schools are open from Fall through Spring and not closed during the winter months when temperatures drop to their lowest.

What about the state laws regarding radon exposure in schools?

The United States has begun to pass legislation that requires schools and public buildings to test for Radon.

Unfortunately, Missouri and Arkansas do not have radon gas laws in place.

The EPA recommends all schools be tested for Radon. Only 20% of schools have tested for Radon so far.

The Radon Company can help you get your school’s classrooms tested. Talk to your state legislators and school officials. We are the only agency in the region that is certified to survey radon levels in large buildings and schools. The Radon Company can help you test for and install a radon reduction system in schools and classrooms throughout Missouri and Arkansas.

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