10 Quick House Maintenance Tips that Actually Work


Home maintenance is often replaced with repairs, but it is preventing things from breakage. You can keep your home well-maintained by incorporating a timely home maintenance regime. It will save chaos in the future and repairing costs. So, let us go through 10 quick house maintenance tips that save your time, money, and efforts in the long run. Grab a pen and paper and chalk down a checklist of these tips. It will serve as your accountability partner. You can outsource some of these home maintenance tasks to experts while you can manage to do some of them on your own. 

Home Maintenance Tips 

1. Silence those loud door noises 

Are your door hinges squeaking? Do not procrastinate henceforth and spray a good quality lubricant on the middle portion of the door hinge. Just tap and move the strap a couple of times, and the sound will disappear. We often postpone this task, and later on, our doors get blocked, or we have to suffer those irritating sounds every day. 

2. A clean wash for your bathtub 

A bathtub is a favorite place to relax and drain all your worries and physical tensions. However, have you paid attention to the cleanliness of your bathtub? Use baking soda lying in your kitchen to get rid of the stains and rinse it thoroughly. 

3. Inspect and repair hoses 

Home Inspection for any leakages in the hose, discard the leaky part, and replace it with new hardware. Fixing damaged hoses is a smart idea. 

4. Get rid of pet hair 

A cute pet is undoubtedly an adorable member of the family, but pet hair can be a big nuisance. Pet hair is found at all places right from carpets to upholstery. Using a window squeegee across these surfaces can make your home cleaning job effortless. 

5. Clean the messy windows 

The fresh morning air is essential to kick-start your day. But if your windows are clogged with dirt and pollutants, letting air inside is not a welcoming task. Your windows can also get damaged due to the stickiness over a while. Spray a gentle lubricant on the windows. If you want to go for a full house clean-up, then opting for domestic cleaning Bristol is the right decision. 

6. An annual inspection of the fireplace chimney 

If you have a beautiful fireplace chimney, it is indeed pleasant during the winters. However, getting it cleaned once a year is highly recommended. You might not be using this chimney regularly. Annual cleaning routine will help in removing debris and dirt accumulated due to external sources.

7. Clean the duct of the washing machine or the clothes’ dryer 

The exhaust duct needs of the dryer or the washing machine require annual cleaning. In the case of a plastic duct, timely replacement is needed. 

8. Don’t leave those water stains unattended 

Leakages in the ceilings and walls can lead to brown-colored, nasty water stains. Before painting these stains, use a mixture of 10 percent bleach and 90 percent water on them. Leave this mixture on the stains for a day, and you can observe that the darkness has considerably reduced. Just make sure that you protect your eyes and hands while applying the bleach-water solution. 

9. Examine your wallpapers 

If your house has wallpapers, they form a crucial part of the décor part. But if the seam is falling off at some places, then it becomes annoying in appearance. Re-paste the wallpaper by using a seam sealer or excellent quality glue. If the wallpaper has been tattered at several places, then you discard it. 

10. Inspect your toilets for leakages 

Last but not least, examining your bathrooms is a quick and highly recommended house maintenance task. If the toilet leak is from the tank, then you have to pay attention to it as there is water wastage, without your knowledge. In case of severe leakage, calling a plumber would be necessary, or else you can do it by yourself by watching a toilet-repair video on the internet. So, some of the above house maintenance tasks do not even take an entire day but need conscious and regular attention. You can prepare a list of home maintenance tasks to be done on a semi-annual basis or monthly basis. This will serve as reminders to follow up with the tasks on every weekend. 

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