Pastel Wall Paint Colours


Although pastels seem intimidating, adding them to your walls is a great way to bring life to darkened rooms and keep things calm and sophisticated. There are many pastel options available, not just spring flowers.

This article will explore how pastel colours can add life and colour to specific areas in your home.

Why choose pastel wall paint?

Pastels can add a lot of colour to a space. While many soft colours work well in a child’s room, pastels can add an elegant touch to a space.

Learn more about what they can offer you and your home

  • Bring the light. Pastels are light colours by definition. They are the perfect paint colours to brighten up a room. Using pastels, you can create a light, airy feeling in small rooms, dark areas, or those without windows.
  • You can make a space stand out. Pastel accent walls can brighten spaces with neutral tones and make them feel more alive. For a subtler pop, you can add pastel paint to your bookshelves or cabinets.
  • Give your home some character. Pastel colours are a great way to add colour to your home without looking stale or boring. Use pastels to bring life to small spaces, such as hallways or entryways.
  • You can create a relaxing atmosphere. Pastel colours are popular in baby rooms because they have a soothing effect. Pastel walls are great for setting the mood in family spaces if you want to relax.
  • Try out neutrals. Pastel colours don’t have to be limited to baby pink or baby blue. You can use pastel neutrals to add a subtle but striking difference to your home.

How to Use Interior Pastel Wall Colours?

Take some inspiration from your interior painter in Hamilton when looking for pastels for your home. You can find great pastel options in a colourful rug print or a pastel sky in your living-room painting. Warm, earthy pastels may be more appropriate for stained wood and rustic designs.

Here are some suggestions to help narrow down your choices:

  • A calming bedroom. Pastels are great for bedrooms because they soothe and relax the mind. SW 6784 or Mountain Air. You can also find the perfect pastel bedroom paint colours by looking at your favourite pastel colours in their pastel hues.
  • A small, bright space. A lighter colour can instantly brighten a small space like a hallway, laundry room, or mudroom. SW 6693 is the perfect sunny hue.
  • An accent wall in bold colours. You want to add personality but not commit to a room full of pastels. An accent wall of pastels can brighten dark shades or add personality to neutral colours. SW 6876.
  • Comfortable living rooms. The perfect balance between elegance and fun can be achieved in your living room. SW 6462 or Opaline
  • A unique bathroom. many pastel colours can be used to complement any bathroom design. including SW 6968 for the walls.
  • Stand-out neutrals. It’s okay to stick with a neutral colour! You can make your guest room unique or paint a room that matches the home inspiration book. SW 7537 or Hush White

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