High-Quality Ceiling Battens Over Timber: Top Benefits


Ceiling batten made of lightweight metal is often used instead of timber. They are lighter than timber materials. Battens are stronger and last longer than timber material. They have many advantages over traditional wood materials.

More information about metal ceiling brackets can be found here. Metal is more resilient to impact. Metal is more resistant to impact than timber. Make sure you use standard ceiling batten when building your structure.

High Tensile Materials

Metal-based battens have a major advantage in that they are high tensile. The battens will not bend once they are in their correct position. Metal battens are made to keep their straight and consistent shapes.

Even after years of being in the same spot, the battens don’t lose their uniformity. It is possible to not think about a replacement for many years.

Wide Variations

The main benefit of metal ceiling battens is the availability of many options. Depending on where they are used, you can choose from different types. These are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

They provide the best protection against wind and other conditions. Metal batten is your best choice if you are looking for wind protection.

Plasterboard Protection

Plastering boards may be used on roofs. It is important to keep the boards in the correct position. Plastering boards will have the right grip with the metal batten. The boards are protected from cracks and other damage.

It is easy to fit the metal ceiling battens in a straight line. The plastering board can then be secured between the battens.

Flat Texture

Ceiling battens can be used to give the ceiling a flat surface. It is an excellent choice for roofs and ceilings with uneven surfaces. The battens can be used if you want a smooth finish.

This is one benefit you might not get with the timber material. It is impossible to create a flat surface with timber material.


Battens are the best way to make your indoor space soundproof. They provide the best insulation and grip to the ceiling. Small clips make it easy to attach the battens. The ceiling batten can be used to separate the first and third floors.

The material will help in sealing the roof and the floor. This prevents sound waves from travelling through the medium.

You can also make use of ceiling battens along with timber boards. It prevents the timber boards from shrinking. Steel batten is the best choice to be used in the ceiling area.

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