Best Tips for Choose a Home Inspector


Most people consider buying a house the most important investment they will ever make. A home inspector should be hired before you purchase real estate. They will adequately inspect the property and provide you with peace of mind. It is essential to make sure that there aren’t hidden problems that could cost you in the future.

A home inspector inspects a home and takes detailed notes.

A good home inspector in canmore ab can save you money on repairs and make your life much easier. You can ask the seller to repair any damage found by your home inspector, negotiate a renegotiation, or, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, walk away.

To review all deficiencies and recommendations and learn about the location of critical items such as water shutoffs, main gas lines, and other maintenance areas, we recommend you join your inspector during the last 60-90 minutes of the home inspection. You should at least meet with your inspector to go over the summary and recommendations.

Seven Things to Consider when Choosing a Canada Home Inspector

There are many home inspection companies, from large national chains to small independent businesses. Each company has its own certifications, reporting methods, and policies. These are seven things to consider before you hire a home inspector.

Training and Experience

It’s essential to have a home inspector that understands the workings of buildings when you invest in real estate. An inspector who has a background in another industry, such as construction, plumbing, or electricity, will be able to understand the building system better and identify potential problems. Inspectors who have advanced training or accreditation in specific areas such as water well, pool and radon gas, mold inspection, commercial building inspection, etc., are more likely to have the experience needed for review.

No matter what their background, an experienced inspector will be more likely to spot a problem or require repair than a novice inspector. A home inspector with years of experience can save you money on repairs. Check out the length of time your inspector has been in business and how many inspections they have done in the last year. Hire a full-time Home Inspector, not a part-time worker. This will ensure your safety.

Credentials & Licensing

Asking about the certification and credentials of a potential Home Inspector can reveal a lot about them. You should get details about a qualified home inspector, such as their license number, advanced certifications, and insurance, quickly. The qualifications range from basic membership in an association with no home inspection courses to advanced certificates and examinations by the government.

In British Columbia, all Home Inspectors must be licensed through Consumer Protection BC, pass the provincially-approved Canadian Home Inspector Exams as members of the Home Inspectors Association of BC (HIABC), and conduct themselves in accordance with HIABCs Code of Ethics.

Accredited Home Inspector (AHI) is the highest possible level of knowledge and certification in British Columbia, Canada. AHI members must have completed advanced training and be able to show evidence of their work experience. You should always seek out a home inspector who has the AHI designation if you reside in BC.

Every tradesperson or certified inspector who inspects your property must have sufficient insurance. This will ensure that you and your home are protected during the inspection. BC Home Inspectors must have at least $1 million coverage for Errors and Omissions with water intrusion and Commercial General Liability. All Step Above Home Inspectors has obtained their AHI designations. They also have adequate liability coverage.

Professional Reputation

Asking friends to refer you might find someone who needs a little bit of assistance but is only sometimes the most thorough. Buyers should conduct some research online using sites like Google, Yelp, and Homestars before booking a home inspector. Good reviews from past clients and references online are proof of quality companies. You should not trust a company with poor reviews, negative comments, or no reviews.

Home Inspection Technology

The technological advances in home inspection tech, such as videography, thermal imaging, and mobile software reporting, have made it easier to perform safer, faster, and more accurate inspections. Inspectors need the latest systems to avoid dangerous safety issues such as foundation cracks, roof problems, or radon gas leaks. These are all things that inspectors may not be able to see.

Step Above uses the most recent photography, 360-degree imaging, infrared thermography, and moisture detection systems to give clear evidence of invisible problems and inspect difficult-to-see areas throughout both the interior and exterior.

  • Images that are high-definition, zoomable, and 360 degrees
  • Infrared cameras
  • Digital gas meters and moisture-reading components
  • Digital testing equipment
  • You can share digital inspection reports with your family, realtors, and professional contractors

High-Quality Reporting

Home inspectors can be judged on their ability to find things, their communication skills, and the quality of their reports. It would help if you didn’t keep any secrets during or after your home inspection. It is your home.

Many home inspectors offer digital reports that include audio and video. Digital inspection reports are very useful when you need to share information with contractors for electrical work, roofing, or renovations. Digital inspection reports can be safely backed up to your computer or trusted cloud services.

Our home inspection reports include video and audio, 360-degree cameras, and zoomable imagery. You can also highlight and write comments and share what you need with anyone outside.

Fees & Cost Schedule

Do not buy home inspection services from a company that charges less than the market rate. They may not be qualified and could not even be licensed. Most Okanagan Home Inspectors have similar prices, and you should know their costs before booking their services.

A single-family home inspection cost between $450 and $500 and takes approximately three hours. Take a look at our residential inspector rates in Central Okanagan, British Columbia, if you want to buy or sell a house.

Some Home Inspectors travel!

You might find home inspectors who have more experience in small towns. Buyers should ensure that the inspector they choose is available to travel. Make sure you can travel to the area before you schedule time for a home inspection.

Step Above Inspection Services, a Kelowna-based inspection firm, proudly serves the Okanagan Valley communities of Penticton and Summerland and Kelowna, Kelowna, Vernon, and Kelowna. We will contact you by phone if you cannot attend the inspection. Then we will send you a detailed inspection report.

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