5 Health Benefits of Frozen Yoghurt That’ll Make You Happy!


Love desserts, but are scared of calories? Well, have you heard of frozen yogurt ever? It’s that primitive, thousand years old yoghurt that was and is a part of our meals but has got a new name and texture now. And we call it “FroYo” with love! Yes, you’ll actually love this frozen type of yoghurt that has successfully replaced many unhealthy desserts recently because of the various health benefits that it contains.

The Healthy Side of the Frozen Yoghurt!

Frozen yoghurt from WholeFarm Australia is truly enticing. They are available fresh and in dozens of delectable flavours. But if you want to enjoy them guilt free, then read about their health benefits listed below:

  • Rich in calcium — Are you bored of drinking the same glass of milk daily? Well, calcium intake is essential too! It’s needed for stronger bones and prevention of obesity. So, did you try tasting frozen yoghurt instead? It’s a yummy alternative to milk (if you don’t want to compromise with your daily calcium intake).
  • Low in calories — Instead of curbing your dessert cravings, exchange it with frozen yoghurt. The taste, texture, richness of it is something really scrumptious and it’s not at all heavy on your diet chart like a normal dessert is.
  • Improves digestive health — No one can stay at rest if their digestive health isn’t good. And frozen yoghurt is rich in probiotics or good bacteria and yeast. These are the essential factors that help break down your complex food fibres in the body and this is highly essential if you want your food to get digested easily.
  • It has tons of proteins — Another awesome property of froyo is that it contains tons of proteins. Unlike other snacks which have lots of preservatives and rarely an essential nutrient like protein, frozen yoghurt is a comparatively healthy snacking option.  So basically, when you are devouring it, you are intaking your daily dose of Protein along with your regular diet. And you must definitely know that Protein is extremely essential for all those good hair days.
  • It’s low in fat content — Yummy and satisfying snacks which are also low in fat count are not easy to find. But thanks to frozen yoghurt, you can now enjoy a yummy treat without worrying much about your fat intake. Well, it contains almost half the amount of fats that your regular ice cream has and that is why it is often more preferable than the regular ice creams you find in the stores.

With all these healthy ingredients and high nutritional value, even you would agree that frozen yoghurt should be your perfect snack, dessert or sider to have daily with your meals. And do you know what’s even better than this? It’s that it can actually make a great many yummy desserts and other recipes with it to enjoy it better. In short, you can actually have FroYo daily and not get bored of eating it! 

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