You should ask your photographer if they include hair and makeup when booking a Boudoir Makeup Photoshoot.

Three Boudoir is a photography studio focusing on making you feel fantastic before, during, and after your shoot.

We do not offer any hair and makeup services at our locations.

Do you need to get your hair and makeup done?

No! You are perfectly you, just as you are.

Do you need a bit of pampering before your shoot? You might also need a boost in your confidence.

Three Boudoir loves to be glammed up by professional artists.

Pros can show off your best features and help you to see yourself differently. You might get the boost you need to shoot.

Make sure to take photos of your desired look when you work with a professional. Remember, many people leave their hair, and makeup shoots feeling extra! Because everything will appear a little more toned down during the photo shoot, the difference is excellent!

We recommend you ask to change the lipstick color if you aren’t happy with the one you have.

We can do almost anything with post-shoot editing, but we want you to love your look and feel amazing.

We can’t wait for you to show us your hair and makeup at the Three Boudoir Photoshoot.

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