Tips for Choosing Your Online Music Teacher


The hardest thing about starting music lessons is choosing the right teacher. Thomas Edison once said that “good fortune is what happens when opportunities meet with planning.” Let’s discuss how to plan for your music lessons.

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What are my considerations when I take lessons online?


You want to ensure that you only search for online music lessons who teach the instrument you are interested in. Google searches can sometimes lead to you finding a teacher who teaches piano, when you were looking for a teacher who teaches harp. You can easily see the icons of the instruments that each teacher teaches right from the search results. Filtering by instrument can help you narrow down your options.


Before meeting with a teacher, it may seem difficult to determine your music learning goals. It’s difficult to find the right teacher until you have a clear idea of what you want from lessons. Do you want to learn a particular style of music? Do you prefer to play casually when you have the time, or do you want to spend hours practicing each week? Are you looking to learn how to play music by ear? It is also a good idea to ask yourself what you want to be able to do after your first year of lessons.


Different teachers may have different educations and training. You may want to look into the qualifications of teachers if you are looking for someone with more than 20 years playing experience, or someone who has a college degree or certificate in music education or performance. Most countries do not require teachers to meet minimum qualifications or be certified. You could end up with a teacher who only began taking lessons in the past two years. If you are satisfied with the teacher’s experience and qualifications, your money will go further.

Be open about the experience you have. You can speed up your music learning process by having previously studied another instrument or sang in a chorus. This will help your teacher to know what you need to review and not have to start over in the first few lessons. Let the teacher know if you have had lessons in the past or if you are able to play by ear. You can also show your teacher that you are willing to learn a long song from a YouTube video. Your history will help you tailor your lessons.


Regular communication via text or email is possible with online lessons. You could lose the lesson cost if you don’t check your messages regularly to see if the lesson has been moved or if you need to use a new Zoom or Rock Out Loud Live connection. It’s crucial to keep in touch with your teacher after you have done the research to find the right one for you.


Online lessons can be convenient because you don’t have to travel anywhere. It can be difficult to make yourself available for lessons if the teacher is in Australia, even though you have researched them. Make sure you look up the time zone and distance from your own to the teacher you’re considering. Connect will do the time zone calculation automatically for you, making it even simpler. Once the teacher has entered their availability, Connect will calculate your availability for you in any time zone that you have (as long you have your Internet provider and computer set it correctly).

Language and Student Age

These two factors are quite obvious, but they can make a huge difference in the speed at which students learn. Parents who are looking for lessons for their child may find it difficult to understand the lesson because of a language barrier. For minors, it is important to know that teachers may require parental or guardian involvement. This is especially true if the student cannot read yet. Consider that all lessons must be paid for and scheduled by a parent/guardian due to legal requirements.

Where can I go from here

The greatest influence on your musical learning success is the teacher you choose. Research the qualifications of the teachers, communicate frequently, and if you’re a parent looking to teach your child, be available to participate.

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