Tips and Tricks for Window Cleaners


Whether you’re selling your home, hosting guests, or simply enjoying your view, clean windows will make your home shine. Clean windows will give your entire house a boost. It can also make your home look less clean if dirt and grime are on your windows. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your windows clean.

Do not forget the interior 

You might have a maid service, housekeeper or think that you can do all the inside work yourself and let professional window cleaners handle the outside. Although it might seem more cost-effective or practical, it is not always the best option. Only professionals have the tools and experience to do the job right. You might get streaks from your housecleaning service. If you don’t have the time or motivation to clean the windows, they will be clean on the outside. But the inside of the windows won’t look as clean if it’s dirty and dusty. Freedom Window Cleaning employees are licensed, insured, bonded, and certified. We can work in your home and clean up after ourselves.

Clean the Windows Last

It’s best to save your windows for when you have other home services, such as power washing or landscaping. Why? It’s amazing how much dirt and dust can be stirred up even by minor maintenance. And when it lands on your windows, you have to clean them. You should also be aware that paint, drywall mud and other abrasive chemicals could easily get onto your windows if your home is being renovated or constructed. To prevent this, ask your contractors to tape or cover your windows so that you can give your windows a finishing touch and schedule professional window cleaning.

Do Not Rely on Mother Nature

San Diego County doesn’t receive much rain. Salt, dirt, and dust can build up on windows. It might seem that a downpour will remove all the grime. Rain will make a dirty window even filthier. It’ll just roll off a clean one. The marine layer will also be affected if you live along a coast like Carlsbad or La Jolla. The marine layer doesn’t dissolve salt or sand from your windows, but it cements them into a layer. Your home might need to be cleaned more often than an inland house to enjoy the ocean view fully.

Pay Attention to Hard Water Stains

The minerals in hard water can stick to glass and other surfaces. This can leave white marks and circles that are difficult to remove. These marks can be difficult to remove, so it is best not to attempt to do this yourself. It’s easy to scratch the glass without the right tools. Hard water stains can’t be removed. A professional window cleaner in Bournemouth can remove hard water stains or other mineral deposits and restore clear vision.

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