The Ultimate Guide To Rug & Carpet Care


Vacuum cleaners aren’t always foolproof. There will be moments when they’ll not be able to eliminate dirt from the rugs & carpets properly, which is why it’s much better to avoid a dirty rug or carpet in the first place. You can do this by applying the ‘no-shoe’ rule or placing doormats at every entrance of your home so that the amount of incoming dirt & dust could be lessened.

However, if your rug or carpet is dirty beyond the usual home vacuuming & cleaning, it’s a much better idea to simply hand over the same to a professional area rug  carpet cleaning service, so that they can perform the ideal cleaning service.

On the other hand, if you need some quick tips & tricks on how you can quickly remove a stain, then the following are some of the most popular spot-cleaning suggestions:

  • Blotting

This is a simple process that involves covering up the stained spot with a paper or clean towel, for a limited time, till the towel absorbs the stain. Proceed to repeat this procedure till the entire stain has been properly absorbed. 

  • Spot Cleaning Solution

In this process, you have to mix some water along with some mild (hand-friendly) dishwashing soap, and then use the same as a blotting solution. The amount of soap that should be utilized will be very little (less than a quarter of a teaspoon). 

Use a clean towel and then dip the towel into the cleaning solution. Let the towel absorb some amount of the solution and then press the wet towel onto the stained spot. 

  • Rinsing 

In this procedure, you have to mist the stained area with water (using a water sprayer) and then blot the same with a dry, clean towel. Continue performing the steps till the stain is eventually dissolved. Remember to not rub the stained part on the carpet/rug. 

Ideal Cleaning Procedures For Different Carpet/Rug Materials

  1. Wool, Synthetic & Plant-Based Carpets/Rugs

For regular cleaning procedures, it’s essential to vacuum the carpet or rug with a vacuum floor tool rather than a vacuum rotating brush. For any liquid spills, simply blot the same. However, for deep cleaning, it’s suggested to send the same to a professional cleaner. 

  1. Additional Stain Removal Techniques
  • For removing blood, soda, berries, chocolate, and coffee stains from your carpets or rugs, use hydrogen peroxide. 
  • For removing mud stains, let the stain dry and then proceed to manually break the same into small pieces and vacuum the residue. 
  • For removing cat pee or beer stains, use white vinegar. 
  • For removing watercolor, alcoholic, ketchup and soy sauce stains, use ammonia (not on wool carpets/rugs). 

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