How To Hire A Professional House Cleaner During Times Of The COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 is a global pandemic and has already affected millions of people around the world. And to curb its spread, maintaining social distance and keeping homes clean & sanitized is essential. Such is the reason why many people are having second thoughts about whether to allow cleaning professionals inside their homes for carrying out cleaning procedures. 

Hence, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be addressing the same in a much more in-depth manner so that you have no problems hiring a professional house cleaner in Auckland during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tips For Hiring The Ideal Professional House Cleaner

  1. Always Choose A Reliable Company

Selecting a reliable company for your home cleaning task is critical. We suggest checking user ratings & reviews of the particular company that you’re planning to hire so that you can have a better idea regarding the kind of service that the company will be providing. 

  1. Create A Cleaning Checklist And Share The Same With The Cleaning Company

It’s advised that you create a cleaning checklist beforehand and share the same with the house cleaning company during the appointment phase so that you can set the expectation even before you pen down the contract. If possible, you can also share the map of your home along with some area pictures too. 

  1. Flexibility Is A Must

Always hire a company that is flexible in terms of the timings or schedules because in this age of the COVID-19 emergencies can happen at any time. Thus, without canceling the contract you can always reschedule the cleaning date – as per your needs. 

  1. Try Maintaining Social Distancing

Maintaining social distancing norms is a must during this pandemic. Greet your house cleaners from a respectable distance so that you can avoid any personal contact and prevent any kind of mishappening. Besides, ensure that the house cleaning personnel are wearing proper protective gear. 

  1. Clean All Frequently Touched Areas

Ask your home cleaners to clean all the frequently touched areas such as light switches, doorknobs, and other electric fixtures. In case your house cleaners fail to clean those areas, then you can always clean them by yourself. 

  1. Properly Communicate With The Cleaners

Communication is essential. Without communication, not everyone will be on the same wavelength. Hence, always check with your cleaners before the appointment date whether they’ll be able to fulfill their contract and their cleaning personnel are healthy. In case there’s a COVID outbreak within their staff, then you have to push the appointment date to another day. 

Furthermore, always stay in touch with your cleaners regarding any needs & requirements. 

For any additional queries, be sure to contact us at any time. We’d be happy to help you. 

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