Saint Augustine Home Inspection


Saint Augustine Home Inspection

Precise home inspections is a licensed company that offers a Saint Augustine home inspection for buyers and sellers.

Customers can also choose to have a complete Home Inspection in Jacksonville FL, wind mitigation and 4-point mold inspection. Often, the customer may require additional information when they choose an inspection. The customer can request a spa and a pool. The lawn sprinkler system can also be requested.

Buyers often have difficulty choosing the right inspector. William Reardon, an owner of Precise home inspections, was born in Palm Coast, Florida. William has been a Palm Coast resident since 1995. Our customer service makes Precise Home Inspections different from other inspection firms. This is the most important aspect of the inspection process. Realtors’ customer feedback often creates repeat business. Precise Home Inspections is most proud of the customer appreciation for the service.

Every customer closed by Precise Florida Home Inspections is entitled to a free re-inspection. Customers are satisfied with this service. It also maintains a relationship with Saint Augustine home inspector buyers and sellers before and after the closing of the property. After every Saint Augustine home inspector, Precise Home Inspections provides information to customers about how to maintain their property.

Customers who purchase older homes are often faced with challenges and fear about unanticipated costs. It is important to consider older homes with roofs 15 years old or older. It can be hard to obtain insurance. Insurance companies will often ask for a 4-point or wind mitigation inspection. Precise Home Inspections offers these other inspections and will not charge for them if full home inspections are requested. Precise home inspections in Saint Augustine include a home warranty. 

St Augustine Home Inspection

St Augustine Home Inspection

St Augustine Home Inspection is a one-stop inspection that provides all services in one place. William Reardon is the owner of Precise home inspections. He offers a complete inspection that includes lawn sprinkler, pool inspections, 4point and wind mitigationWe do inspections and mold inspections. He is also certified to perform all inspections.

Customers can also save time, stress, and money with low-priced package deals. The one-stop inspection service is available to all parties: buyers, sellers, and realtors. Precise home inspections can perform multiple inspections at each site. This reduces the cost for buyers and sellers in Flagler, St John’s, Volusia and Duval counties. Customers should pay for less expensive inspections. We recommend that sellers and buyers search for quotes and then call Precise home inspections (386-864-0400). Our quotes should provide savings.

Precise Home Inspections offers this service. The best service doesn’t come at a higher price. However, you can pay for customer service and a thorough inspection. You also get a free re-inspection before closing. Precise Home Inspections is different than other inspection companies. Can perform Wado termites inspections with the guidance of CPO and offer other inspection services.


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