Lash Facts and Myths


Our customers often ask us questions about lash. We’re confident you’ve seen or heard of some lash myths on social media, but we have all the facts.

You’re looking for information on how to get lashes done correctly? This blog will dispel some common lash myths and share the truth.

Myth: Lash extensions damage natural lashes.

Fact: This is a common myth we hear, so we’ll get to it first. Eyelash Enhancement in Calgary extensions can be safe and effective. There are many reasons people opt to have eyelash extensions. They are durable and easy to maintain. They feel great. When done correctly, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. Only a professional lash technician should apply extensions to your eyelash line. Your lash technician will examine your natural lashes to determine the necessary amount of glue and individual lashes.

Myth: It is painful and uncomfortable

Fact: Another misconception we hear is, “It’s not possible to fall asleep while getting your lashes done.” Most people fall asleep while having their lashes done. A new set takes approximately two hours to complete, and your eyes will be closed for that period. Beauty Time has spa-like music that can relax you, or you can use your music and have a ‘lash nap.’ For more information on how to relax during your appointment, click here

Myth: you can remove lash tensions at home.

Fact: Absolutely not. This is a major myth that we hear a lot. It would help if you never attempted to remove your lash extensions at home as they can permanently damage your hair. Damaged hair roots can not be returned. If you are ready to pull your hair, consult a professional with the right products.

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Myth: mascara can be used with lash extensions

Fact: Using mascara is not necessary. Moreover, why would you want to? Mascara can be added to your lash extensions, causing your lash line to builder. Mascara gunk can also clump and stick to your lash fans together, so you will need to scrub the lashes more strongly to remove mascara gunk. Mascara gunk can make lash extensions fall out faster by making them harder to remove. The answer is no, don’t waste time and your investment by applying mascara to your beautiful new laash set. Please do not view this post on makeup tips on what we recommend to lash wearers.

Myth: I wear glasses, so I can’t get lash extensions

Fact: It is perfect to wear glasses or contacts with eyelash extensions. Our award-winning lash techs will consult with you before you go. Together, they will help you find the perfect style that suits your eyes and glass frames.

Now that you know the real facts instead of the myths, you can start thinking about how you would like your eyes to stand out. Would you choose the cat’s eyes go? If you need help choosing the cat eyes style of go for full volume, visit our gallery page to see some amazing looks that we’ve done for our clients.

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