3 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling (During and After COVID)


Do you have the travel bug? If you’re like most people, you’ve been home for a while this year due to Covid-19. Staying inside for all this time would give anyone the itch to travel. 

Last year alone, more than 100 million American families were planning to take a vacation. While this year’s travel may be on a smaller scale, it’s no secret that trips are still happening all around us.

Whether traveling to a remote destination or popular tourist attraction, it’s important to keep up with your health. Before your next trip, read on to learn more about how to stay healthy while traveling. 

  1. Pack a First Aid Kit

There’s nothing worse than interrupting your vacation to shop for medical supplies at a local pharmacy. On any trip with family, friends, or alone, packing a first aid kit is a must. You never know when you might catch a cold, trip and fall, or develop a cough. 

While some first aid kits come packed and ready to go, you may want to create your own depending on your specific needs. If you’re going on a hiking trip to Oregon, you may pack different items than if you were going on a casino trip to Las Vegas. When packing a first aid kit, consider the destination you’re traveling to and who you’ll be with.

Your first aid kit should stay in a place where it’s accessible. Remember to check that all your necessary items are fully stocked before heading out.

  1. Hire a Car Service

When learning how to avoid getting sick while traveling, it’s important to limit your access to public spaces that may be unsanitary. While this can be difficult on vacations, hiring a car service is one way to limit your access to public travel. 

Consider hiring a car service to airport destinations and other outings. Not only are car services more reliable than most public taxis and rideshares, but they’re also more comfortable and clean. Car service companies take pride in cleaning their vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about who has been in the back seat before you.

While taxis and buses can come in contact with thousands of passengers, car services can provide peace of mind and help keep you healthy.

  1. Boost Your Immune System 

Poor immune health can result from things like lack of sleep, too much sun, poor gut health, and more. Poor immune health can make you more susceptible to getting sick, which will compromise your traveling plans. Before and during trips, work to boost your immune system with nutritious foods, hydration, and travel supplements. 

Some common travel supplements are vitamin C, melatonin, hydrochloric acid, and probiotics. These supplements can boost your immune health and energy for an overall better experience. 

We don’t recommend taking supplements on vacation that you haven’t tried before. You may consider speaking to your doctor or pharmacist to see if some common immune health boosters are right for you. 

Stay Healthy While Traveling 

While traveling to beautiful destinations is always fun, nothing will ruin your plans like getting sick while you’re away. Always be sure to stay healthy while traveling by following these simple tips.

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