Do’s and Don’ts For Microblading


Microblading, a manual technique of implanting pigment in the first three layers of hair using a sharp instrument, is an easy way to do this. Microblading is quickly becoming a popular semi-permanent makeup treatment. It can last up to three years. It is one of the most difficult tasks in a woman’s day. A modern world requires us to present ourselves and be beautiful. It can be tiring to look in the mirror every time you leave the house. This is especially true for people who don’t have brow hair or need to fill them in. Microblading can be a time-saving solution for all women! Neena Jay, the head microblading artist at Ivy Laser Salon, was the pioneer of microblading in Las Vegas. We have some tips and tricks to help you make the right decision before you jump into this new trend in cosmetics.

  1. When choosing a microblading artist, do your research. This is your face that you are putting in your hands and trusting others. Many people have taken a two-day course in microblading and immediately started taking on clients. This is illegal as the microblading apprenticeship takes 6 months. You’re also entrusting your eyebrows to someone inexperienced, likely taught by another inexperienced person. All of the microblading artists at Ivy Laser Salon were personally trained and apprenticed by Neena Jay, our master microblading artist. Check out the before and after photos of the artists! Remember, you only get what you pay for.
  2. Make sure to book a consultation with a microblading expert. They will be able to explain exactly what you will experience during the session and help you choose the shape of your eyebrows that matches your facial features.
  3. Before you go to your appointment, take time to review the pre/post-care and contradiction paperwork. These will help you get the best results. We will not accept service if you don’t follow these instructions.
  4. Please let us know if you have any underlying medical conditions or medications. Some medications can compromise blood or skin integrity. Certain medical conditions can complicate Microblading.
  5. Allow up to four weeks for your microblading treatment to fully heal. This means that there is no need to pick at scabs or sweat.
  6. Do not take blood thinners.
  7. Don’t take any anti-inflammatory medicines like Advil, Aleve, Motrin, aspirin, or Excedrin.
  8. Do not take oil supplements such as fish oil, vitamin E oil, or primrose oils.
  9. Do not take magnesium.
  10. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. It will disrupt the healing process.
  11. Consult your microblading expert before you take any over-the-counter herbs.
  12. Avoid using any acidic creams or topicals. These ingredients are common in many makeups and skincare products. Avoid topical products containing mineral oils, AHAs, retinol, glycolic acid and salicylic acids.
  13. You should not have microblading performed if you have diabetes, pregnancy, cancer, or vitiligo.
  14. If you’re on iron supplements, Accutane or antibiotics, microblading should not be performed.
  15. If you have an open wound, don’t go for microblading.
  16. If you have oily or excessively sebum-prone skin, microblading is not recommended.
  17. If you don’t plan to or have to sweat the area or until the wound closes, then microblading is not for you.
  18. Do not lie to your MICROBLADING artist about any of these conditions!

This list of must-know and not-to-doesn’t-to-do’s will help you decide whether microblading in Henderson NV is right for you.

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