Tips to prevent health risks while painting your house


Maybe you are looking for new paint for the kitchen or you’re trying to design a nice little nursery for your little one, painting your interiors is a crucial step that you just can’t ignore while carrying all these decorations. But sometimes paint jobs can lead to disastrous results. If we are right, most of the paints contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that aren’t conducive to your health. So, what can you do to beautify your home without affecting your health?

How to ensure minimum health risks while painting your house?

Whether you are allergic to the chemicals in paint or you are pregnant or you have children and/or pets at home, sometimes beautifying your house becomes a necessity. In such cases, you have to ensure that you face minimal health risks even when you are painting your home.\

  • Get paints without VOC — Today because of the green revolution (and many people facing the same health issues as yours), there are lots of companies manufacturing special paints which are free of VOC. Yes, we understand that the expense of buying these paints would be a bit more than the ordinary ones but think of the health factor first. It is okay to invest more in a healthy alternative then pay for all that medications later. And don’t worry, you won’t compromise with the beauty of your house at all by choosing these paints. They provide the same perfection and prettiness.
  • Evacuate the house while painting — The next solution we have to keep you safe from the health hazards due to paint is to evacuate the house while the work is going on. Even if it is for just a week or two, ensure that you are staying elsewhere so that you don’t come in contact with this harmful substance at all. And even while returning home, ensure that the fume of the paint has subsided.
  •  Check for the label of the paints you buy — Sometimes you aren’t aware of the ingredients of the paint and buy them not knowing that it may contain (anything you are allergic to, perhaps?). In such cases, be very sure to check the label of the paints you are getting for your house and the ingredients that it contains. If you have no idea, let your house painters in Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters do the needful for you. They have got lots of experience in painting and even carrying out the beautification of houses without using the VOC containing paints. So, they’ll be the best people to help you out in choosing the paints you prefer.

Apart from following all these instructions, ensure that you have the ventilation in great condition when the painting work is going on in the home, take your medications (after consulting your doctor) regularly as long as you’re exposed to the substance, and (if possible) wear a mask to safeguard yourself

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