Commercial Building Survey & Why You Need One?


Commercial building surveys are a compulsion that should be paid utmost attention to. From legal reasons to smooth transfer of property, a commercial building surveyor is a must for many reasons. 

A commercial building survey may not have the same popularity as residential ones, but they surely have the same amount of importance. If you want to know why they are so important and why you need to look for a commercial building surveyor, then you are at the right place. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is a commercial building survey? 

A commercial building survey is much more complex than a residential survey. It has various detailed aspects and involves a comprehensive examination of construction, structure and property size, materials, surrounding land, and many physical aspects. 

A commercial building surveyor will undertake technical analysis to identify defects and repairment requirements. It also involves estimating the cost of those repairs. They also consider the legal aspects of leasing and purchasing, keeping health and safety concerns in mind. Every surveyor provides its clients with a complete analysis of costs, which includes the cost of repairs and refurbishment if the building requires it. 

Reasons why need a commercial building survey 

From being a legal necessity to having better confidence in property investment, there are many reasons to have a commercial building survey. Each reason is as crucial as the other one. If you are still wondering why it is so important to have a commercial building survey, here are four main reasons for you to have a better understanding. 

For health and safety

The health and safety of any individual holds the utmost importance. That is why you need a commercial building survey. You are responsible for fulfilling various legislative obligations as a commercial property owner in Australia, which include compliance with the latest health and safety regulations and keeping the highest fire safety standards. 

During a commercial property survey, the surveyor will inspect and identify a wide range of methods and measures for you to put into place to ensure the security of your employees and tenants. The suggested precautions will reduce the risk of claims, thus ultimately limiting the financial liability. These claims not only can affect profits, but the reputation as well. 

For analysing cost 

You must have a complete perspective of the cost associated with repairing and refurbishing a property for your budgeting requirement. Also, it is important to consider whether the property you are planning to invest in is worth the cost or not. That is where a commercial building surveyor comes into the picture. It provides analysis and estimation of the cost of repairs and refurbishment. 

For clarity of agreements

A commercial property survey will also set a helpful benchmark that you can continue to maintain the property in order to minimize long term costs and liability. It will detail existing and unavoidable defects within the property and highlight possible issues that may arise in the future. All these insights will ensure both you and the landlord or property owner are on exactly the same page from the very beginning.

For complete knowledge of construction 

A commercial property survey analyses the construction of the property in great detail to reveal concealed wall systems that are far more complex than the timber and steel frames used in the construction of residential dwellings. By examining the construction of the commercial building in this detail, the surveyor can highlight any issues that may influence your offer and dictate your insurance premium.


Now that you are more informed about the need for a commercial building survey. It is time for you to look for the best commercial building surveyor to deliver everything mentioned above. 


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