The Inherent Advantages Of House Lifting


The most obvious reason why homeowners practice the procedure of house lifting is to protect their homes from hurricanes or flood waters so that the ground floor of the house doesn’t go underwater. Houses that get flooded most of the time will also be susceptible to the production of black mould in the future, which can degrade the overall hygiene and lifestyle of the people living in that home. Thus, lifting a house from an unsafe environment not only protects the house but also the family members. 

To help you know, we have formulated a list of some of the most popular benefits that you can enjoy with services such as house lifting in Auckland

The Merits Of House Lifting

  1. House Lifting Means That You Don’t Have To Move Anywhere Else

In recent years, the fears of flooding have scared a lot of people to flee from their homes and thereby get settled somewhere else. Floods can happen at any time and there’s no surety that you & your family will be able to survive. Therefore, instead of trying to worry about flooring all the time, especially when there’s heavy rain or a hurricane incoming, opting for house lifting services might be the ideal move. 

With house lifting services, you don’t have to leave your home and settle somewhere else. You don’t have to worry about packing, temporary housing, any utility start-up fees, repairs, and so on. Since moving is already an expensive procedure and you don’t want to leave your current neighborhood, house lifting seems like the sanest solution that you can opt for.  

  1. No Yard Space To Sacrifice

When you decide you add more space to your house, traditionally you’d think about adding the space by horizontal expansion. However, the issue with the horizontal expansion is that – you have to sacrifice the space of either your front or backyard. This means that you have to cut down your beautiful trees or uproot your favorite plantations. 

But, with the help of professional house lifting services, you don’t have to sacrifice your yard space because the expansion will be done vertically and not horizontally. When your house will be successfully lifted, more space can be added beneath. 

  1. Not Having To Worry About Home Insurance

One of the common reasons why homeowners have to pay top dollars for house insurance is because any chances of flooding will raise the insurance rates, especially if you’re living in a flood or hurricane-prone area. But, when you opt for house lifting services, your house will be at an elevated level that the flood cannot reach. Ultimately, you and your house will be safe. 

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