The Science of Study – 5 Tips To Get You Motivated to Hit the Books


For most of us, studying is far from the top of the list when talking about things we enjoy. However, if you want to do well in school, it’s necessary, and if you want to pursue a career that requires a degree, you’ve still got a few years of study ahead of you. 

If you want to do well in your educational career, it’s important to get good habits in place now. That’s why we’ve created this list of tips for getting motivated to hit the books when you’d much rather watch the latest episode of your favorite show. 

Get A Study Buddy

Humans are hard-wired to stick to things when we feel accountable to someone other than ourselves. Because of this, getting a study buddy is a great way to stay motivated and stick to your study plan. 

Consider organizing a weekly catch-up with friends or, if you feel you need a little extra assistance, look into online tutoring in Australia. Not only will your tutor help you stick to your goals, but they can also provide assistance with anything you may be stuck on. 

Keep The End Goal In Sight

Most goal-setting models have you layout your big picture goals (end game) and then list smaller ones that you’ll need to accomplish along the way to get where you want to be. Your large goal sets your intentions and is the basis for your motivation. The smaller ones are more easily achievable, helping you stay motivated and serving as a great way to take stock of whether you’re still on track. 

If your end goal is, for example, to become a doctor, one of your main checkpoints along the way would be to get into a good university. You would achieve this by doing well on tests and getting a good ATAR. Each study session, assignment, and exam marks a step (small goal) along the way.  

Create A Vision Board

Visualization is a proven technique for achieving success and staying motivated along the way. When we can see what we want, it’s easier to take the steps needed in order to get there. 

Laying everything out on a vision board will leave you with a pretty piece of wall art (or a lovely Pinterest board if that’s more your thing) that can help boost your motivation when it’s low and assist you in reaching your goals.

Reward Yourself

Pretty much every species on the planet is reward-motivated, and humans are no different. Just as you can train a pet to do tricks with treats, you can also trick your brain into enjoying study by rewarding yourself when you’ve completed a session as planned. 

This system will also help you avoid burning out. Reward-based motivational models have self-care and enjoyable activities built into them, so every bit of hard work you do comes with a pay-off custom-designed by you. 

Work Out

Getting your blood pumping can motivate you in many more ways than one. Exercise releases happy chemicals in your brain which will help you maintain better focus during a study session. This, in turn, helps you stay motivated as humans like feeling productive. Once you bring exercise into the mix, you create a self-feeding cycle of motivation

Got other tips for getting (and staying) motivated to hit the books? Share them in the comments below so that others can benefit from your methods. Then pick your favorite tip from the list above, put it into action, and go get great grades. 

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