Four Important Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaner


No matter how reliable and genuine the rug cleaner seems to be, you should always be ready to ask questions about rug cleaning. It is your exclusive right to seek answers to your queries. If you don’t know the approach and supplies used by the cleaner, you are not treating your rugs well. No efficient company will refuse to answer your questions. If someone refuses, red-flag them as they do not deserve a place in your list. 

If you do not know what to ask, we have a few questions ready for you. You can add some on your own in the below list. 

  • Do they have rug cleaning experience or general cleaning experience? 

This is a critical question to ask a cleaner whether they are generic cleaners or specialized ones. You want a company that is specialized and experienced in rug cleaning solely. A general house cleaner might be good, but they do not have profound knowledge about carpets. Moreover, you can ask specific questions about cleaning particular type of carpets such as Persian or European ones. They will surely be willing to share some of their toughest experiences in their rug cleaning career. 

  • Which rug cleaning supplies, equipment, and methods are used by the company? 

A certain company might use steam cleaners while another will use hot water extraction. It all depends on the cleaning strategy adopted by the company. So, acquaint yourself and ask questions relating to cat urine rug cleaning and other aspects. This is when you can drop your specifications, such as usage of green cleaning supplies or non-usage of harsh chemicals on the rugs. If you have specific cleaning instructions associated with a rug (as supplied by the manufacturer), you can convey the same to the cleaner and seek his confirmation. 

  • Does the company offer free quotes and arrange in-person visits? 

If you have more than three rugs, it is essential to know the costs. You can ask the company staff whether they send anyone to evaluate the rug condition and provide an estimate accordingly. When you have quotes from two or more companies, decision-making becomes easier. Some companies do not provide quotes on the phone, but they are willing to arrange visits to your home. While others are ready to share estimates on telephone calls but it could be inexact. 

  • Does the company provide a work guarantee of rug cleaning services?

A skilled rug cleaning company usually guarantees the work done, but they are attached with terms and conditions. So, be clear about the same beforehand. If you find any miss-outs or faint stains or incomplete work or delay, you should be able to ask for the requisite refund. Some companies come with time-bound guarantee services, while others refrain from doing so. It all depends on your understanding, whether you want to seek the services of a guarantee-bound company. 

In short, when you are thoroughly prepared with the above questions and more to ask a cleaner, you can gauge his capabilities in a short span. You are bound to know the details. 

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