Experts Tips For Maintaining Artificial Grass in Its original Condition For Years


Artificial or fake grass is commonly termed Turf. These types can be made up of quality plastic or synthetic material. Unlike natural grass, these types do not dry out. They do not need the same level of maintenance as well.

But that does not mean they need no maintenance. There are specific requirements that you need to consider. You can look around for fake grass maintenance tips online. You can also hire the best artificial grass maintenance services if you still maintain a big lawn.

Basic caring tips for artificial grass lawn


1. Mild stains


Stains cannot be prevented, especially when you are speaking of the lawn outdoors. But mild stains are never difficult to treat. You just have to act instantly. Do not allow the stains to dry out on the grass fibre.


Before the stains get stubborn, it is better to treat them effectively. You should immediately absorb the spilt liquid from the grass surface. You can use a detergent solution to clean the area instantly. Do not scrub roughly or else the lawn might get damaged. 


2. Deep-seated stains


All types of stains may not be mild. Some of them are stubborn. These types of stains are never easy to treat. These are mainly formed if you overlook the cleaning task for days or weeks. Certain spills can also lead to stubborn stains. 


If you accidentally spilled oil on the grass lawn, then you need to get rid of the oil immediately. You may need to follow special techniques to treat these types of spills. It is best to hire a professional team to treat these stains.


3. Sticky stuff


All spills may not be liquid by nature. Some types are also sticky. If you have kids at home, then chewing gum is one major issue with lawns. You may have to use dry ice to remove chewing gum and other types of sticky stuff.


If you have a lot of trees in the garden, the tree sap can also be an issue. Dry ice is the best remedy for treating these types of issues.


4. Pet waste


Having pets at home is not unnatural. If there are pets, then you will always find pet waste lying on the fake grass lawn. The waste can be picked and the turf may have to be washed. For homes that have pets, a consistent cleaning task is always recommended.


If the cleaning is not done on time, then residues are left behind. The residues may degrade the condition of the grass lawn. For natural grass, this is not an issue, but you cannot treat artificial grass in the same way.


All accidental spills should always be treated as they happen. If you are taking proper care of the grass then you may be able to enjoy it for years. 


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