Easy Hen Party Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

Hen prty

Organizing a hen party within a budget is not an easy task. There are a lot of people to be invited and activities to be arranged without shelling out a substantial part of your savings. Jokes apart, a hen party can be made fun and exciting if you know how to arrange it.

Hen Party Ideas

Instead of booking a lavish banquet or a resort to enjoy a hen party, people are switching to budget-friendly ways and staying back at home. It is living the moment, and not showing off how much you can splurge at a party. So, if you want to organize such a cost-effective yet memorable hen party, then here are some exciting ideas for you.

Pot Luck 

Not everyone has tried a pot luck dinner in their lives, and when it is with your best buddies, you can’t miss the fun. A pot luck dinner party is a fantastic idea to save on ordering foods, eating healthy and relishing and appreciating each other’s cooking styles. Choose a theme, analyze your requirements, decorate the room, and ensure that each one of you can flaunt their cooking talents. Everyone will love this idea, provided you can bring a spark of thrill to the environment. 

A Sleepover With A Clothes Swap Event 

Girls love sleepovers, and they remind them of old school times when everything was so easy-peasy. But now, as you have grown up, you can add some fun elements to it such as organizing a BBQ, an alcohol party or a clothes swap event. If this party is amongst the closest friends, then everyone will love it. Capture your moments to flaunt on social media! You can even make it classy with a wine night. If you all are movie buffs, then you can project a movie that was a favourite one of all girls and cherish on the moments.

DIY Decorations

A gals’ party demands for some funky and beautiful decorations. Spending on these things might be on the expensive side, but you cannot avoid it. If you are a budding artist and have always loved decorations, then you can try some DIY stuff. Pinterest is a great source to find inspiration. Create some cute art that all your friends would love to see. After the party, you can distribute the décor items as a token of the memory of the night party. 

A Cocktail Theme 

Getting drunk is a cool idea for all the pals. So, why not have fun? Cocktails are trending, and you can try a variety of them. The internet is a great resource, but you can even join a cocktail class if you want to amaze your friends with your cocktail making skills. So, a mobile cocktail making hen party is an amazing idea if you are a little talented and well-versed with it. The gorgeous and easy-to-make drinks will illuminate the atmosphere of the party, and girls will love it. 

A Self-Care Party 

Self-care is another trending term, and we all deserve it more often. So, instead of stressing yourself in organizing a hen party, de-stress with a pamper party. You could be inviting therapists, home spa staff and have a range of self-care goodies lined up at home. Consult your hen party organizer to include this element carefully. In a nutshell, you can enjoy and have fun in organizing a hen party without splurging on lavish items. Moreover, you can choose any of the above themes and make the party lively and fun. Understand what your girl pals want – drinks, movie or self-care and arrange it in your party.

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