Commercial Interior Painting Tips


It’s worth taking the time to choose the right color palette

Your commercial building’s interior will look great if you choose the right paint colors. Your paint colors set the tone for your company and impress customers and make a difference in employee and client experience. Your interior paint colors can be used to reinforce your brand’s identity and values.

Multi-unit offices and law firms often recommend a neutral color palette, such as whites, soft blues, or tans. Brighter or bold colors can benefit other businesses, such as beauty salons, chiropractors, and retailers. It’s important to not overwhelm clients with too many colors. Sometimes, one accent wall can make a big impression.

Prepare the Painting Space

After consulting your contractor about the colors you want for your commercial interior, it is time to start the preparation. Clean and protect your interior. Move your furniture towards the center of the room by removing all decorations and shelving. Cover them with plastic or drip cloth to prevent accidental paint drips from damaging your furniture and vents. Tape the floor edges with painter’s tape. Wash the walls to remove dust and make the paint last longer.

Smoothen the Walls

Your professional commercial painters will inspect your commercial space for any dents or bumps after being cleaned and prepared. Special tools like sandpaper and a putter knife will be used to ensure smooth surfaces.

After everything has been cleaned up, we inspect the walls carefully and repair any bumps or dents. Smooth surfaces are more attractive and provide a solid foundation for paint to adhere.

Always Apply a Paint Primer

Although it’s tempting not to do this, it is essential to a great paint job. A primer provides a foundation to allow paint to adhere better and acts as a barrier between new paint and walls. A primer will improve your paint’s integrity and durability for a flawless finish. To cover bright colors, a tinted primer can be used.

Commercial Exterior Painting Tips

Painting the exterior of your commercial building, just like the interior can make it more appealing to customers and employees.

Paint the Exterior Clean Before You Start

Pressure washing your commercial building’s exterior and windows is a good idea before hiring professional painters. This will reduce the cost of the painting job and the maintenance of the building. A sandy, dirty, or dusty surface will not allow your new coat of paint to adhere.

Weather is important!

Arizona is dry and sunny, so you don’t need to worry about rain. However, other conditions like wind, excessive heat, or extreme heat can affect the success of your commercial exterior painting job. Weather conditions will affect how paint behaves. Oil-based paints will not perform well in extreme temperatures, such as 40°F to 90°F. On the other hand, Latex-based paints can be successful between 50°F and 85°F.

Use High Safety Standards

Tempe commercial painters must adhere to national safety standards and use appropriate equipment. These regulations are in place for your safety and the protection of tenants, employees, clients, and painters who may be working near your building.

Employ a Paint Contractor with the Right Equipment

It is difficult to paint the exterior of commercial buildings. This is why it is important to hire a professional company that is capable of doing the job right. A company that specializes in commercial painting in auckland will have all the necessary equipment. They will be able provide the best advice and implement your project most efficiently. It is important to ensure that your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured and that they can work within your project specifications.

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