Anchorage Has Many Roofers. How Do You Choose the Best One?


It should not be stressful to replace your roof. You are probably not a roofing expert. You don’t know the differences between shingles, underlays, and Anchorage building codes. It shouldn’t be necessary to know. You can trust a top-rated Roof Repair Anchorage to know all this and more.

These are some things to remember before you start your roof replacement project.


Many (many!) roofing companies have been through our hands. In our 21 years as Anchorage’s roofing contractor, we have seen many roofing companies close and open again. Roofing contractors often exaggerate how long they’ve been in business to create a false impression of longevity and increase their credibility. The State of Alaska License Search database can be used to verify the date a company was licensed in Alaska. A contractor who will work with you in the event of any problems is important. Additionally, a potential buyer of your house will want to be sure that the roof was installed by an experienced roofing professional.


Many online review sites provide information about how a company conducts its business. While some review sites have more controls than others to prevent false reviews from employees, family members, or paid reviewers, many review sites don’t allow you to verify the legitimacy of any review. Talking to family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers is the best way to gain a true understanding of a company. They will share their experience with the company without any incentives to write biased reviews.


You will find that there are several estimates for replacing your roof. Some are more precise than others. Any proposal for work should not contain vague language. Premier Roofing Co. will ensure that you are as clear as possible about the scope of our work and the materials we will use to complete it. It is possible to avoid disappointment during and after the job if everything is clear before we begin.


While price is important when choosing a roofing contractor, it should not be the sole criterion. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay”? Premier Roofing has always focused on using the best job and materials. Premier Roofing competes with other companies that aren’t as concerned about the quality and want to get the job done at all costs. We are often not the lowest bidder, but we won’t compromise quality to get the job. We will not likely be the right contractor for you if you only want the lowest price. We will still provide options to help you choose the best quality products for your budget. We encourage you to ask lots of questions about the contractors with whom we compete and us.

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