5 Tips To Choose The Right Home Inspector


Flathead Valley’s housing market is hot right now. Buyers and sellers alike are moving at full speed. No matter if you are selling, buying, brokering deals, or remodeling your home, you will need to have a home inspection.

Home inspections serve several important purposes. They prove the house is in a good condition and help buyers to avoid costly repairs. Out-of-state buyers who have not seen the house before are particularly in need of home inspections.

Finding a qualified home inspector is not always easy. We’ll be discussing how to find Home Inspector in st Augustine FL you can trust, what qualifications to look out for, and all the other things you should know.

Five Tips to Choose a Home Inspector

These five tips will help you choose the right home inspector for you.

Locate an inspector to inspect your home in your presence

Many people believe that home inspectors work alone. This is a common misconception. The best home inspectors encourage all interested parties, buyers and sellers, to attend the inspection.

This will allow you to understand what the inspector is saying and give you more information about the house. Attending a home inspection can be positive and informative as long as you adhere to some basic etiquette.

Check out the customer reviews of the inspector

You can find more information about the home inspector on review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, or Google. Pay attention to negative or very positive reviews. These reviews will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your home inspector, as well as what you can expect from them if you decide to work with them.

Ask about certifications

Find out more about the background and certifications of your inspector before you hire them. What are the qualifications and experience of the Home Inspector? What number of inspections has he/she done? Are they certified in specialized areas?

Hire someone to do home inspections part-time, instead of someone who does it as a job.

Ask about the scope of the inspection.

Home inspectors may not inspect certain items in certain climates.

For example, an inspector may not inspect a snow-covered patio, driveway, deck or roof. Ask the inspector about their condition if they won’t inspect them.

It is also worth asking about the inspection’s services. Do they have access to lab results and laboratory equipment? How about thermal imaging or drone inspections? Is the team able to perform mold and radon inspections. Before you hire the home inspector, make sure you have a clear picture of their services.

Request copies of insurance and licenses

Ask the inspector to provide copies of their insurance and license documents before you hire them. Are they members of professional organizations like ASHI, NAHI or InterNACHI. We list the license and certification numbers of each member of 406Home Inspection Pros right here for your convenience.

These documents are often provided by great home inspectors, who will also provide proof of their quality.

Find the Right Home Inspector For You

Your home is probably the most important investment you will ever make. It doesn’t matter if you are building a home or selling it.

A home inspector who is qualified will identify defects in your home that could endanger you as a buyer.

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