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I’d give my right (tattooed) arm to go to the No Limits International Tattoo Expo (also known as The New York Tattoo Show). New York’s best tattoo convention, this event runs from at the Resorts World Casino in NYC. UK-based, I’ve never been to a tattoo convention in the US before, and I’m also dying to visit New York! Bringing together two of my favorite things in the world, buzzing casinos and amazing American tattoo art… if I was closer, I’d be heading over to The New York Tattoo Show in a shot!

Best Tattoo Artists in NYC

They Say:

“If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you know the importance of choosing the right artist. Since tattoos last a lifetime, it’s important to have confidence in the person you choose to place your permanent body art. For tattoo lovers in New York City, you will be able to meet many different artists, piercers, studios and vendors to ensure you book the artist that is right for you.”

Tattoo Convention NYC, New York

This leading tattoo expo is really focused on giving its visitors an experience to remember and bringing them only the very best. Once applications to work the event are in, The New York Tattoo Show event team carefully select tattoo artists that have mastered their niche. The show features tattooists that are breaking boundaries and bringing completely original styles to the table, like the popular Timur Lysenko(below). Timur’s colourful tattoos utilize many different abstract and unruly tattoo styles and techniques. The result – something unbelievably unique that the wearer can cherish forever.

Over The Course Of The Weekend, A Multitude Of Awards Are Handed Out To The Best Of The Best

The specificity of their titles (like ‘Small Colour Portrait’), means artists can feel comfortable knowing their work is appropriately and fairly judged. With many other tattoo convention competitions, categories like ‘Best Colour’ can seem too vague – many would argue that it’s therefore impossible to pick a winner. The New York Tattoo Show however, have created award classifications that are much more focused. Counting 38 separate awards on their website, these carefully curated groupings often differentiate between healed and fresh tattoos, and single-out popular niche styles like watercolour. A second event from the same team, the Flight 107 Tattoo and Arts Festival, has also just been announced, and due to take place in Long Island later this year. Dates and details to be revealed soon. Have a great convention, people of New York City – get an awesome tattoo for me!

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