Awesome Amenities: 5 Special Touches That Will Impress Your Airbnb Guests


Great reviews on Airbnb’s website can boost your business as travelers tend to favor places that are highly recommended and hosts that have a proven track record. Of course, every Airbnb host shares the same goal, so it’s up to you to find unique ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Value-added perks and small but memorable touches are often all you need to impress your guests. Here are five special touches to get you started: 

  1. Guests Can Sense The Care That Goes In Behind The Scenes

If you nurture your business and create a space that genuinely considers the comfort and well-being of your guests, without skimping and taking shortcuts, it communicates care. You can’t fake these things. Items that distinguish the excellent Airbnbs from the average ones include extra blankets, fully stocked tea and coffee stations, non-toxic pans and spotless kitchenware, extra soft towels, and little packaged snacks like cookies or chocolates. 

  1. Add A Thoughtful Touch

A welcome basket packed with beautiful fruit is one of the easiest ways to make a fantastic first impression on your new guests. Remember, your guests have probably made a considerable journey to arrive at your place, so fresh fruit is usually a welcome gift. Make it work by selecting quality local and seasonal varieties. In winter, kiwi fruits make a really interesting twist, while summer definitely calls for mangoes and grapes.  

  1. Keep Guests Informed

If there are important traffic updates, power cuts, or other challenges in your area, keep your guests informed without being intrusive. Make them aware of what resources they can use to stay informed, should they wish to do so. Make yourself approachable and available to them, but be sure to give your guests space and privacy so they can feel as relaxed and undisturbed as they wish. After reaching out with all the important information, allow them to dictate how many contacts you will have. 

  1. Don’t Hover, But Happily Engage And Give Advice

Are there great tourist sites, activities, or natural wonders in your area? Do you know where all the hidden gems of your city are? If you know your local region like the back of your hand, you can truly wow your guests with your expert knowledge. 

Be very careful about giving advice, and read your guests’ body language. Make sure they are really interested in hearing about these places. You don’t want to hover and make them uncomfortable. Keep pamphlets on hand for all the great places you would like to recommend so that they can find them without having to ask you for directions each time they leave the house. 

  1. Consider A Thank You Departure Keepsake

A small keychain, refrigerator magnet, or bag of cookies can act as a simple and sweet way to send your guests off on a positive note. Though it may only be small, a keepsake shows that you appreciated the fact that they chose your property over all the others in the area. 

Your guests will leave with a good feeling about staying with you. Plus, who doesn’t love a free gift? It doesn’t have to be expensive – it just needs to convey thoughtfulness and give your guests something to take with them when they leave. Your place will stay fresh in their memories, and as a bonus, they’re more likely to recommend you to friends. 

Don’t Overthink It

Keep your added touches simple, and avoid overthinking it. Guests value hosts who are helpful and welcoming without getting in their space. If you can master that alongside providing a comfortable stay, you’re on your way to success. 

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