Sneakerhead: The Profitable (and Fun) Hobby of Collecting Shoes


Tired of collecting an endless supply of trading cards? Waiting for 40-50 years to pass so your comic book collection can grow in value? If you’re looking for something new to collect, getting in on the shoe game is where it’s at.

But jumping into the hobby feet-first without doing any research can prove draining and not very cost-effective. So what can you do to turn this around?

Well, wonder no longer! We’re here to provide you with our tips and insights on collecting shoes so you can become the best sneakerhead like no one ever was!

So pull those laces tight and let’s get right into it!

Carve A Unique Path When Collecting Shoes

The first step to becoming a great sneakerhead is to set a goal (and budget) for yourself so you know exactly what you want to get out of the hobby. Do you want to grab a few pairs of Air Jordans online and call it a day, or do you lean more towards amassing the entire product line of NIKE throughout the years? Start slowly at first to figure out what shoes catch your fancy and expand as you go.

Putting together a budget also helps in the early stages. This way, you know what you’re spending on your collection and have less of a risk of accidentally overspending. 

Above all, remember that this is a hobby and should stay fun for you. If your goals feel too competitive or intense, scale them back to somewhere you feel more comfortable.

Keep One Eye on the Market

Another important part of shoe collecting is keeping an eye on when sales are happening and which vendors carry the best prices. Sniff around online to find the vendors who are the best fit for you, or search forums to find stores other people recommend. Installing a web application that alerts you for free promotional deals or coupons whenever you visit a shoe store website is also a great idea.

If the vendors offer email notifications around stock updates, get those too. That way, you can grab limited-supply shoes like the “Satan Shoe” right when they restock. 

Trade and Sell

To keep your collection from draining your wallet too much, try using the shoes you buy to keep you in the green. For example, if you own a pair you don’t like anymore, try selling it to a fellow collector or secondhand store. You could also offer the shoes as trades to get new ones that are better choices for your collection.

To keep their value up, make sure you clean your collection too. 

Spotting Fakes

Finally, a crucial part about being a sneakerhead is knowing when a fake comes your way. Some of the tell-tale signs of fake sneakers are the font text on the sneakers is written in, the material the sneakers are made of, or the stitching on the shoe. If you can’t verify this online, ask to see bigger pictures of hold off until you can verify the sneakers are genuine.

Collect Them All

And there you have it! Now that you know all about collecting shoes, you’re ready to begin your journey to becoming a master sneakerhead! And if you want to learn more about potential hobbies you can join, make sure to check out the other articles on our site!

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