Six Ways In Which Your Mattress Affects Your Health


A good night’s sleep is always essential to keep us healthy and active all day. But a right mattress is required for a good night’s sleep. We spend 7-8 hours of our day in a bed that sums up one-third of our day, which is why it’s essential to have the right mattress. Sleeping on an old mattress might result in having an inadequate sleep which leads to drowsiness and many sleep-related issues in our daily life. Here are six ways of how your bed affects your health.

Six Ways In Which Your Mattress Affects Your Health


If you’re sleeping on a mattress more than ten years old, then beware of those millions of dust mites that can be breeding in your bed. These are responsible for skin problems, respiratory issues and eczema because as you sleep, they will be busy inbreeding and destroying your body gradually. They can also be harmful to your lungs and be a reason as well for sore and itchy throat. Keep rotating and flipping your mattress every two and six months respectively as long as you use it (for not more than ten years).


Old mattresses are natural habitats for bed bugs; their population prospers in an old mattress. They are too small to notice their existence. These micro and disgusting creatures can bite and cause skin rashes. Bug bites can damage your soft skin leading to skin allergies, rabies in sensitive areas. They are responsible for sleep deprivation and anemia across the world. Bed bugs cannot be eradicated from a bed; you can use bug repellants which can be helpful for some extent. But if you find bug bites on you, it’s suggested to throw or burn the whole mattress away and to get a new one.


Many individuals of different age groups often face this problem. This is caused due to the warring of tissues and spine. , this bothers millions of people across the world. An old and torn mattress is one of the main reasons for the warring of tissues which results in deadly back pain. Back pain can ruin your good night’s sleep as it’ll be uncomfortable to sleep in a position. People often wake up with increased pain and drowsiness due to back pain. This pain can last throughout your day, which won’t let you do any work peacefully. You should consider mattress in a box Australia which provides the best bed for your body and a night of comfortable sleep.


A bad mattress would not help you in getting good sleep. Inadequate sleep can increase stress levels which wouldn’t help in leading a peaceful life. This is also a significant problem in many individuals in recent years. An increase in stress levels arises many health-related issues such as blood pressure, headache and very high amounts of a mental toll on you. Lack of sleep impacts your concentration levels and can even leave you in depression. Serious sleep deprival could provoke a lack of coordination which could cause accidents on roads and at work. For those who bothered about their weight, poor sleep and an increase in stress levels can leave us piling on the pounds.


As described earlier as a result of a bad mattress, you may not be getting in good quality of sleep. Being insomniac damages your immune system, which makes you prone to several diseases. People with impaired immune systems it would be trouble fighting against parasites, which results in symptoms of common headache, joint ache, rashes, eczema, dizziness, severe migraines, arthritis, nausea and many more. You should opt for a hypoallergenic mattress in which constant transpiration happens lets you keep hygiene. 


Bad quality sleep may provoke memory loss. Inadequate sleep at night affects your neuron stress levels which could arouse memory loss problems. Good sleep is required to register your memories in any other case your mind starts obliterating your potential of remembering things. This can disturb your day-to-day life in several ways. In severe conditions, this might lead to Alzheimer’s and amnesia. So a right mattress is compulsory for preventing memory loss.

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