8 Tips For Booking A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day


It’s exciting! You are hunting for the perfect makeup artist to help you with your wedding. Someone who can help you tie your bridal look together and make you feel better than ever. They will help you feel confident walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams.

Finding a Makeup Artist available on your date is all that’s required. There are many things to consider when selecting a Makeup Artist in Saskatoon.

These are my top 8 tips that will help you in your search.

Do your research

Many brides are unaware that you can be a makeup artist anywhere in Australia. There is no formal training required, just some brushes and makeup. Scary, right?! You don’t need a license, formal training or insurance to begin your career as a makeup artist. Some people who claim to be ‘certified’ or “professional” could have only taken a three-hour makeup course.

Look for a makeup artist whose style appeals to you

You won’t look or feel overdone if you are a minimalist who doesn’t use much makeup daily. You may find out that your artist is unsuitable for you and you have already spent a lot of money. You want your fiancee to recognize you as you walk down the aisle, not question who you are or where you went.

Once, a bride described the look she didn’t want as Barbie-like. That was a great description of the damage that overdone makeup can cause to your face. It can make you look like a doll.

Think about the level of service you would like.

You might be ok with the fact that you don’t know who your makeup artist will be on your wedding day. If you are a person who can establish trust and build relationships with people before the big day, and understand their work, the alternative is to work directly with a solo artist. It all depends on your personality. If you prefer the personal service of dealing with suppliers from start to finish, then a solo artist is likely to make you feel most at ease.

Hygiene and sanitation practices should be considered

It’s more important than ever to practice hygiene in personal services such as makeup application due to the Coronavirus crisis. Although you would think a professional could take this care, I have seen some very gross things over the years.

Double-dipping, not brush cleaning, blowing onto brushes, a kit that looks like a bomb went off inside it, reusing disposables such Beauty Blenders, and using your fingers and hands to make palettes are all poor hygiene practices in makeup application.

Rethink the offer of a friend to do your wedding makeup

Everyone will give you recommendations about the best suppliers when you are planning a wedding. Many family members and friends will offer their services for free to you! Although it’s tempting, you should know that they won’t be doing this professionally every day. What does that mean for your wedding day? Many things could go wrong, and it is usually obvious at the makeup trial. Brides call me to book last-minute with me because they booked with a friend or a friend. Or they took a recommendation from a friend.

Select a makeup artist who suits your personality

Part psychologist, part mind reader, I am a makeup artist. I am good at reading people and interpreting the environment. I can also figure out how to best fit in so that your day is relaxed. It would help if you found a makeup artist that you are comfortable with, who is not too demanding and who will make you feel relaxed on your special day. Your hair and makeup prepares are what set the tone for your special day. They’re often the first people you meet so it’s important to ensure that they reflect your vision.

Could you take into account the products they use?

Check out the brands that makeup artists use. Many will be happy to share their knowledge. Professional brands are important, so make sure you have a range of options. A single brand of makeup artist is not the best as they might not suit everyone. These brands won’t last long on a long day and are not recommended.

This is a great option if you are looking for cruelty-free, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly practices. My kit is cruelty-free, vegan, and all brands I use are industry-respected. I recycle and use sustainable disposables such as bamboo to reduce waste in my business.

Book your makeup artist not based on the price

It’s not as if you are buying the same product elsewhere. It’s not possible to compare service providers when it comes to purchasing services. The result will be different depending on the quality of the service they offer and their experience.

The price of your wedding makeup will vary depending on the person you hire, how long they have been in business, the level of service provided, where you are getting married, and how popular the artist is. A wedding day is a significant financial investment. If you have a tight budget, it’s perfectly fine. Knowing what goes on in the beauty business, I wouldn’t try to find the lowest price for makeup.

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