5 Best Ways to Enjoy Your ‘me time’ thoroughly!


Hey you, stop! Yes you, reading this post. You need to take a break from your haphazard lifestyle and dedicate a good time to yourself. You deserve a little attention, some care, and pampering. Enough of finishing your work, rushing for chores, cooking and baking, and caring for others. Sometimes all you need is to divert some attention to yourself and even enjoying that time thoroughly.

How to spend your ‘me time’ in the best way possible?

You do not require an entire day to dedicate to yourself. Even a few hours or some minutes from your regular work schedule would suffice. But what is necessary is utilising that free time only for pampering yourself and fulfilling your own wishes. And if you have finally succeeded in getting some time or days off for yourself, then read below about the best ways you can make these the most celebrated time or days of your life.

  • Go watch your favourite show — You always wanted to take them some time off and watch that interesting show coming on Netflix or Prime Video, but never made time for them. Or perhaps there’s a live musical show, theatre, or stand-up show, or concert that you wanted to attend – don’t stop yourself from buying the ticket. Now is the time to enjoy yourself thoroughly.
  • Unplug from the world — Sometimes even though you are free from the responsibilities, you often are trapped in your gadgets. This is the time to unplug yourself and leave your cell phones and laptops behind to spend quality time with yourself. You can think of the positive things in your life or just spend some time gazing out of the window. Take a stroll in the park or read a nice romantic novel, whatever you like! But remember, absolutely no gadgets!
  • Treat yourself to a meal — Who said meals are to be only enjoyed with partners and families? You can have and enjoy a lavish meal in an extravagant restaurant just in your own company as well. You need to select from one of the best restaurants in Whangarei like Nectar Café. This is one of the best restaurants that serve exotic meals in a very comfortable and cosy ambience. You can enjoy each and every morsel you have here, devour a bowl full of dessert, and even drink to your heart’s content. That’s what we call a lavish “me time” spent well.
  • Head to a spa and pool — Does the idea of a nice, soothing massage entice you? Then you sure would be searching for the best spa centres in town to make you feel relaxed. And imagine if along with the fresh scents of the oils and warm massages, you get a pool or Jacuzzi around too? Then won’t it be your perfect ‘ooh la-la’ time?
  • Enjoy your hobby — Has it been years since you last touched your guitar and created a nice piece of music? Does the paintbrush still call you in your dreams? Or the aroma of baking beckons you? It’s time to bring them all back today. Spend your “me time” romancing with your hobbies and enjoy each moment wonderfully.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get some “me time”! So, if you have finally managed it, make sure that you enjoy it to the hilt. After all, you deserve it.

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