Want Good Health? Go Surfing!


If you are already thinking about what to do in the summer, then ditch the basics! It is never too early to make plans! We are all waiting for this excruciating winter to get over, and for the summer sun to again glisten in the sky. This summer do something out of the box! It is the best time to hit a seaside and jump into those cool blue waters. When it comes to water activities, the list is never ending. 

A huge number of water activities have become popular over the time. Activities like surfing, diving, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling have become extremely popular among people, and for all the right reasons! These water activities are not only fun, but they also help in experiencing a whole new feeling altogether. These activities are thrilling and are perfect for adrenaline junkies. To get proper equipment for water activities, you can contact various shops (who also keep surfboard blanks in UK). The Board Barn has a wide variety of water sport equipment and accessories to choose from. They guarantee to offer only the best quality items.

Health benefits of surfing

Surfing, among all the other water sports, has become extremely popular. You can find good surfboards in certain shops, along with beachwear Deus ex machina clothing in UK. Being able to keep balance and take control over the wild waves is nothing less than wonderful! If you think the same, then it is time for you to try it out. If this is not convincing enough, then the innumerable health benefits of surfing might give that extra push. Here are some health benefits of surfing:

  • Heart health: You will be surprised to know that something as fun as surfing actually improves the health of your heart! Surfing is actually a type of cardiovascular exercise. The mix of standing on the board, balancing and paddling is a great routine that helps in strengthening your heart. Surfing is basically a fun workout that keeps your heart in a good condition. Thus, by keeping your heart well, it helps in increasing the overall fitness. Many studies have proved this fact to be true.
  • Mental health: Surfing also improves mental health. The time spent in learning how to surf and improving the skill helps in clearing one’s mind. As surfing requires a great deal of focus to stay afloat, it is a great way to divert attention from your day-to-day work pressure and other things that might be bothering you. It is a great way of dealing with stress. Studies have shown that mindfulness is extremely important for improving mental health. Surfing is nothing but mindfulness in action (due to the great deal of awareness and concentration it demands). It is the perfect way to meditate and be one with the mind and soul.
  • Balance: Surfing is not an easy task. In fact, it is quite challenging, and you are expected to fall over a hundred times before standing tall on the surfboard. But once you learn to surf, every injury will be worth it. The newfound sense of coordination and balance is what you shall love the most. This can also help in providing a better quality life as you get older. Good coordination, maintaining balance and improved muscle strength will help you enjoy a better quality of life in future.
  • Improves sleep: A good dose of exercise can improve your night’s sleep magically. However, the relationship between sleep and exercise is quite complex. A wrong type of exercise, done at a wrong time, can in fact ruin your goodnight’s sleep. However, surfing being a good cardio exercise helps in inducing sleep at night.

These are a few health benefits of surfing. Other than these, surfing also helps in burning calories and strengthening muscles. So, go ahead and take that plunge!

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