Planned To Get Rid of Your Promise Rings After Engagement? Stop! We Have Better Ideas!


Engaged? Well, heartiest congratulations! But, what are you going to do with your promise ring? Most people get rid of it, and it lies forgotten in some corner of your closets! Does it deserve such treatment? No, it does not! The promise ring was your partner much before the advent of the engagement ring. Expert jewelers say that you need not get rid of it anymore! They have some interesting ideas for you. Promise rings in the UK from Perkin Knives are made of Damascus steel, making them unique. Would you really want to get rid of such a unique promise ring? Hopefully not! The experts are here to guide you in the right direction. With their expertise, you will be able to keep on cherishing your promise ring, forever.

What Ways Can you Retain your Promise Rings Post Engagement?

Promise rings are exchanged as a promise of love for your partner; but once you get engaged, the promise ring loses its importance. Experts say that there are innovative ways to retain your beautiful promise rings, even after engagement. What are the ways, you ask? Well, there are a few! These are completely out of the box! So, you have the chance to create a look that is unique and marvelous. Here are some of those innovative ideas:

Match the Rings 

Why not match your promise ring and engagement ring? This way, you will never have to take off the promise ring. You could even match it to your wedding ring and turn the set of three into stackable rings on a single finger. It looks beautiful, standing testament to the strong and long bond you have shared with your partner. Who would not want to show off such a beautiful relationship?! Stack them up and show the world how long (and strong!) you two have been together.

Promise Ring is Equal to Wedding Ring 

The promise ring may have a special meaning for you, or maybe the ring is unique! Whichever the reason, you can use your promise ring as the wedding ring. This way you can keep the promise ring and not forget about it! After all, it was the first solid promise your partner made to you, which helped strengthen your relationship. So, it is fitting for the promise ring to become the wedding ring, which offers another promise of a lifetime!

Renew Vows 

Some couples have gone ahead to use the rings to renew the vows, down the years. It is a beautiful way to revive old memories. The promise ring serves as a second wedding ring!

Anniversary Gift 

Upon completion of a year as a happily married couple, you can surprise your better half with the promise ring as a gift. This gesture is sweet and simple, signifying that you have not forgotten any promises that you made, before the wedding! The smile on your partner’s face will speak a thousand words.

Used for Other Promises to your Better Half 

A promise ring is usually exchanged before engagement as a sign of love! It can also be used for other promises. Suppose, you promised to give up smoking after marriage! You can gift the promise ring (used before the two of you got engaged) as a sign of another kind of promise that was fulfilled successfully after marriage. Now, you can invest in beautiful promise rings! Couples usually exchange simple promise rings in fear that it would be lost in the course of time. But now, you can continue using the ring even after marriage. Just use one of the ideas mentioned above. After all, the secret to a happily married life lies in the fact that you have the ability to keep promises!

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