Remote Roaming: 5 Tips for Traveling While Working Remotely


The digital nomad life creates a huge range of opportunities for life-changing experiences, social opportunities, and the height of work/life balance. Of course, it’s not all going to be smooth sailing. There are plenty of challenges, but you can avoid at least some of them with these tips for traveling while working remotely: 

1. Take Advantage of Temporary Working Spaces

Use temporary working spaces as much as you can. Whether you choose to invest in your own private space in a serviced office building or make the most of a quiet coffee shop with free charging ports, these places can bring order to your itinerary. They can also be great places to meet fellow digital nomads and to ‘re-socialize’ when you’ve spent a few days as a cave-dwelling hermit in your Airbnb. Remember: you need fresh air, sunshine, and a bit of human connection!

2. Insure Yourself Up to the Eyeballs

As a digital nomad, you have to insure yourself far beyond what any standard holidaymaker or traveler would consider. Your possessions don’t just have sentimental value – they’re directly tied to your ability to earn a living. And every place you stay and mode of transport you take is your home while you’re in it. 

Check the small print, keep your policy updated, and keep digital copies in your inbox and with somebody you trust. Before moving to any new country or region, be sure to check whether it will impact your insurance. For example, many policies either do not cover the US and Canada or charge a higher price for coverage. There are also a number of countries to which travel is not advised, and so you may have trouble getting an insurance policy that covers you.   

3. Always Have a Way to Get Internet

The internet is crucial for a digital nomad. While you’ll generally find it available at your accommodation and in local cafés, there’s never any guarantee. Even if you do have it, the surroundings might not be safe or comfortable, the internet may not be safe, or its strength may be unacceptable. For this reason, set yourself up with a backup plan such as International data or a mobile internet dongle. 

4. Get to Know Your Gear

As you travel, you will start to understand what needs upgrading, what’s invaluable, what can be dumped, and how it all works together to form the perfect travel pack. Eventually, you’ll start to get a routine of packing and unpacking when you’re moving between places, and the process will become far more streamlined.

To get you close to that enviable point, watch some videos on recommended digital nomad backpack essentials, and start to build your perfect pack from there. You’re basically carrying your whole world on your back, so it’s important to ensure it’s reliable, durable, useful, and minimal. 

5. Schedule Social Time

Most remote workers experience loneliness during their travels. It’s impossible not to feel lonely when you’re away from all that is familiar to you, especially in countries with different languages and cultures. For this reason, you must force yourself to schedule social time. Video calls with friends and family from home, time working in hot desking environments, networking events, local solo traveler meetups – make yourself do it, and you’re very unlikely to regret it. Social connection is, after all, an integral human need. 

Working and traveling can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you follow the tips above. You’re all set to see amazing things while boosting your career and striking that rare and perfect work/life balance many others can only imagine while daydreaming at their desks.

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