The Proactive Homeowner: Why it Pays to Practice Preventative Home Maintenance


A home is a source of pride. You also have to take care of your home. It pays to be proactive when it comes to preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting to see if something is wrong or that something needs replacing, it’s better to be proactive. This saves you time and stress. Preventative maintenance is not only smart but also pays off.

Change your HVAC filters

Filters are either quite inexpensive or quite expensive, depending on their effectiveness. People with allergies or pets will often choose filters that are more effective. However, no filter is guaranteed to last for too long without being changed. It doesn’t matter if you change your filter less frequently or spend more. You will pay more for heating and cooling if they work harder than necessary.

Put Vinegar Down the Drain

Although it’s convenient to empty the garbage down the disposal, it can prove costly and inconvenient if there are clogs or other buildups. There are many options for homeowners, but vinegar ice cubes is the most effective. Put vinegar in an ice tray and then drain the cubes. The vinegar will help unclog the disposal while the ice will sharpen the blades.

Remove the Hood Filter

Your cooking range’s hood is likely to become filthy. It may surprise some people to see how filthy the hood is until they actually take a closer look. You will need to clean the filter as well as the inside of the hood. You can use heavy-duty cleaners purchased at an auto parts shop. The filter can be removed, then let it soak in the cleaner for a while, scrub it well, and then put it back in its place. You will be amazed at how much cooking fumes are absorbed.

Make sure you have the alarms and extinguishers checked.

Many accidents can be avoided if you are prepared. A grease fire, for example, can quickly erupt and be put out with an extinguisher. A fire could also be started upstairs by faulty wiring. The homeowner can either address the problem themselves or call the fire department. A fire alarm that has dated batteries will not alert you to such situations.

Take a look at the Upshot of a Rain Storm

Normally, water shouldn’t puddle near your home for longer than a day. You may notice signs of water damage to your home or even a threat to its foundation. Also, inspect the siding to see if there are any damage and how water drains from the roof away from your home. This is also true for snow and ice. Hanging icicles from the gutter or roof could pose a risk and cause water damage. You can hire outside help to clean your gutters if they are not in good condition. You might be wondering how much gutter cleaning systems costs. It all depends on who you choose and how extensive the job is needed. Some houses have very little guttering, while others have more complicated systems.

As often as you would like to wash your car, survey as often as possible

A car costs less than a house, but you will likely pay more attention to maintaining it. You wash your car at least once a month, especially during the summer. It should be serviced every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Have you ever taken a home survey? Are you doing it every three months, or four times a year? Do not wait to take action. Get started on home maintenance. Commercial properties should be treated the same way. Don’t wait – Harster Heating can help.

Make a sheet

Google Drive is a free tool that allows you to create a datasheet. Fill it out with the areas of your home and take notes on what you did. Keep track of the contact information for home inspectors and vendors who can assist you with landscaping, HVAC, electrical, and other issues. You can also use your smartphone to remind yourself to check the sheet at least once per month. This is a simple, yet effective way to make sure you act instead of reacting.

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