Qualified Massage Therapy vs Unqualified?


What is the difference between qualified and unqualified massage therapy? What is the difference?

What type of massage do you get in the massage industry? Most definitely!

Fully trained therapists approach your massage differently than a therapist at a spa or mall.

Massage can be described as a movement that follows an established pattern and manipulates your muscles and fascia using touch.

Top Notch’s therapists are all qualified, meaning they have completed formal training for at least two to three years.

They can not only treat your discomforts but also talk about how they can help you achieve better health. We will help you determine the best course of action and provide self-care options such as stretching or other activities.

Your session is not complete without considering many factors. Instead of just walking up to the table and getting massage therapy, we consider your needs.

  • How long have these symptoms lasted?
  • What are your feelings? Are you feeling stressed? We listen and ask questions to find out what’s going on and how it affects your daily activities.
  • We take into account your current health status and any co-morbidities. Then we help you with self-care and encourage healthy living. We believe in putting your body into motion and doing what you love.
  • Look a little deeper – Do you sleep well? This is an important factor for many. What is your occupation, and what are the roles you play in it?

We will then work together to determine the most appropriate for you during that session. This will ensure that the session is meaningful and tailored to your specific needs.

Massage therapy is a technique that uses your tissues to manipulate your body in a specific way. What we offer as part of massage therapy is both hands-on and hands-off.

We place great importance on your health and wellbeing. Your health and wellbeing are our top priorities. We will discuss ways to improve your self-care beyond the massage session. This can include postural awareness, breathing patterns and messages about mindfulness. It would be a waste of time to discuss this and not. It is important to be active in your health for better results.

On the other hand, unqualified massage therapists miss these parts of your treatment. You end up with a massage that does not address the root cause. You will feel better, but how long?

The environment of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy treatments must be comfortable and relaxing for you to be successful. Your therapeutic touch will affect the environment, including the lighting, sound, and temperature. You can get the most out of the session by turning your phone off.

Safety in Massage Therapy

Safety is an essential component of massage therapy in huntington beach. Unqualified therapists are responsible for the majority of injuries. They lack the proper training and anatomy knowledge, so they don’t know where to avoid deep pressure. This can make it extremely dangerous for you, the client.

These are the skills and experiences that professional massage therapists possess. Although you may not realize it, every tertiary-trained massage therapist has been trained in safety and ethics. Top Notch is proud to say that all of our therapists hold tertiary certifications in Massage Therapy. Book an appointment now to see the difference!

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