Home Inspection Checklist


The home inspection is an essential part of the home-buying procedure. It’s something that homebuyers, especially first-time buyers, should consider. You can save money, sometimes a lot, by not making mistakes during this process.

You should include an inspection in your offer for a house. After the offer has been accepted, it is important to hire a qualified home inspector who will complete a comprehensive Home Inspection in Honolulu HI. This guide will assist you in making sure that every aspect of your inspection is successful.

Find out more about the inspector.

Reputable house inspectors should be recommended by your real estate agent. You should still do your research to find an honest, reliable, and experienced inspector.

Ask them about their experience and background. It is important to verify their qualifications and find out what certifications are required by your state for qualified inspectors. Two national organizations require inspectors adhere to professional ethics and standards to be a member: the National Association of Home Inspectors, and the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Make a list of the top candidates. Compare their estimates for house inspection costs.

Attend the inspection.

Your agent should not be handling the inspection. During the walk-through, you can hear everything your inspector says firsthand. You should expect the inspection to last several hours. This is not something you want to rush. You can bring a friend or relative along for an extra set of ears and eyes.

What is a home inspection? Home inspections are used to find common and unusual problems. The inspector will inspect the following areas:

  • Structural Elements: walls and floors, roofs, roofs, foundations
  • Exterior elements: landscaping and drainage
  • Roof and attic – ventilation, framing, gutters, flashing
  • Plumbing: pipe materials and toilets.
  • Systems and Components: Water heaters, furnaces. Air conditioning. Duct work. Fireplace.
  • Electrical: wiring, grounding, circuit breakers, main panels, ceiling fans, light figures
  • Appliances – Dishwasher, Range and Oven, Microwave

The inspector will be looking for any structural problem or safety hazard. Don’t be afraid, if you have any questions regarding anything the inspector has said, to ask.

You might also consider additional tests.

You may need to perform additional tests depending on the condition and age of the house.

  • Radon test
  • Pest inspection (e.g., termites)
  • Inspection of mold, asbestos and lead

You can inspect your home yourself.

You don’t have to rely on experts to assess whether the home’s structure and other elements will be suitable for your lifestyle. You should be aware of potential hazards and concerns for children if you are a homeowner. It is possible to create your own checklist for house inspections ahead of time.

Perhaps the stair railings have a good structural foundation, but they are too far apart to prevent your toddler from getting stuck. This might not be an issue if you are looking to purchase a home. If you have to make some changes (and possibly spend money), this will affect your home-buying decision.

Be aware that inspections won’t uncover or cover everything.

Inspectors do not have X-ray vision. Inspectors can’t see through the drywall and under the carpet. There could be hidden items, such as old wiring or rotten wood that would be expensive to replace.

These potential problems should be noted and addressed by your inspector. Ask him or her to clean up any corners, check the electrical system, etc. to make you feel at ease.

Take a look at the report and decide how you want to proceed.

You should receive a detailed report after any inspection that details everything that was checked and any issues that were discovered by the inspector.

You can go through the report and determine if it’s serious enough to make you want to leave the house. Or if there are items that you should ask for the seller to fix before you sell the house. If you prefer to make the repairs yourself, you can ask the seller for credit.

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