Van Life – 5 Campervan Upgrades You’ll Be Glad You Installed Before You Hit the Road


Going from a sad, leaking tent to a campervan can turn you into a happy camper in no time. You’ve got a roof over your head, room to stand up and move around, and plenty of the comforts of home, such as a toilet, shower, and dining area. 

However, as you adjust to your new luxury camping lifestyle, you may discover that there’s room for improvement. Here are just a few of the many campervan upgrades you might want to consider before hitting the road. 

Improved Lighting

Part of the excitement of camping is heading off the beaten track to explore lesser-known destinations. However, these places are often free from artificial light, making it difficult to navigate campsites and unfamiliar roads at night. Before you set off, consider investing in the best LED light bars available. With extended lifespans and improved illumination distances, they could make exploring the countryside far more comfortable. 

Lithium Batteries  

Batteries are one of the most important things to consider when purchasing or upgrading your campervan. They power everything electric inside your camper, from your HVAC system to your kitchen appliances. 

While lead-acid deep-cycle batteries are standard, there are better options out there, like lithium. Many RV owners tend to upgrade to lithium batteries when they start working with solar power (more on this to come). While they can be a bit more expensive than traditional lead-acid batteries, they are worth their weight in gold

Lithium batteries tend to be smaller, lighter, and less labor-intensive – all of which are essential considerations for life on the road.   

Stove Covers

When you transition from a humble tent to a luxurious campervan, you’re bound to be excited by the prospect of a camper kitchen. However, as you grow accustomed to its convenience, you may discover a few things you can improve. 

Small camper kitchens often lack bench space, with cookers taking up a considerable amount of valuable bench space. Fortunately, you can purchase stove covers in wood and metal that fit perfectly over the top of your stovetop. You’ve then got far more space to prepare meals. 

Solar Power

Solar power as a renewable energy source is growing in popularity by the day. Many people are investing in solar panels for their homes, but many are also looking at solar power for their campervans. 

While this upgrade can be expensive, it will further entrench the convenience of off-the-grid living.  Rather than having to park at campgrounds with hook-ups, you can go almost anywhere with solar. 

For this conversion, you will need solar panels, a solar charge controller to distribute power from the panels to your RV battery, and an inverter to make that power usable.   

Internet Repeater

If you don’t have unlimited WiFi everywhere you go, you often have to rely on any available campground internet. Given the sheer number of people connecting to it, you can usually only manage a weak connection at best. 

For those who work online and rely on stable connectivity, this can be incredibly frustrating. Internet repeaters can often solve this connectivity problem. These easy-to-use and affordable products improve speeds on distant networks. As a result, you can browse the net to your heart’s content without having to worry about that anger-inducing buffering wheel. 

Camping can be a fun experience with family and friends, regardless of your form of accommodation. However, if you make a few upgrades to your campervan, you may be surprised at how many home comforts you can enjoy – no matter your chosen camping location.

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