Yves Rocher Haul


On the same day that I went to Sephora (post about that here) I also went to Yves Rocher. This is a brand that I already knew of, and have done for years but I haven’t actually tried any of their products. I think part of the reason for this is that I’ve never been able to get hands on with them in a store, just via the website or catalogues that dropped out of magazines. So, what did I buy? I only bought three things while I was in the Yves Rocher and it was hard to keep purchases down that low, there were so many amazing things.

MONOÏ Eau hydratante parfumée des lagons (Lagoon Moisturizing Perfumed Body Mist)
I picked this up as I don’t like to wear perfume on my skin in the Summer as it can leave marks in your tan. The scent is one that immediately feels like Summer when you smell it and would be great to use first time on holiday and then afterwards to bring back those beach memories. The mist itself blends into the skin nicely without an oily feel and the scent lingers for much longer than other similar products I’ve tried before. It contains aloe vera gel which is always great for skin, but especially good for cooling hot skin. I think I’m going to store this in the fridge to really boost that cooling feel. The mist is also alcohol, paraben and colourant free.

Baume senteur Noix de Coco (Coconut scented lip balm)
On the day I went to the store I had really quite dry lips so I decided to pick up a lip balm while I was there. There were quite a few to choose from and I did ponder the vanilla one for a while, but I really love coconut and so I went with that one. Sadly it is just scented and not flavoured but I can report it feels really good on the lips and left them feeling really smooth and soft.

Crayon Regard Jaune citron (Eye Pencil in Jaune citron)
The array of make up in Yves Rocher was quite good and again there were a few things I wouldn’t have minded buying if my bank account had elastic sides. Sadly, I was working on a budget and hadn’t been to Sephora yet, so I just picked up this pencil. The whole of the Summer Collection was really nice and there were four different colours available in the pencils; Bleu roi (royal blue), Bleu méditerranée (turquoise), Brun cuivré (burnt red/brown) or Jaune citron (yellow). I decided to go for the yellow as it was a bit different and I don’t have a yellow eyeshadow. These pencils can be used for eyeshadow as well as eyeliner.

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