Let’s Compare – Wrought Iron and Wooden Gates!


A gate to a home is like skin to your body! That protective front that you put in front of the people – both to protect and represent you! And when the importance of the gates is non-challengeable, then how can you compromise on its material and build? Well, that is why when it comes to choosing the ideal material for it, you are always confused. And if we are assuming it right, there are two top materials reigning the gate making market — wood and wrought iron!

What should you choose for your home’s gate — wood or wrought iron?

Are you confused about whether you should invest in a wooden or wrought iron gate? Well, you aren’t the first one thinking about the same. There are lots of house owners concerned if they are making the right choice by choosing a wooden material for their gate or iron would be better. So, let’s make your work easy by listing the main properties of both. This will help you sort out as to which material is the most suitable for your house.

  • Wood is durable —Can you challenge this? Of course, hardwood is a highly durable material no matter if you are using it for the floor or the gate.
  • Even wrought iron is long-lasting — A nicely made wrought iron gate in London by Steel Makers doesn’t require you to look back at it for years. They use the best materials to make it, and it is designed by the best technicians. Of course, its long life is natural.
  • Wood requires regular maintenance — Wood often gets bleached due to harsh sunlight that falls on it. And if your neighborhood bears a lot of rain and moisture exposure, then your wooden gate will give away within a few years. Not just this, the risk of termite on wood is very high too — and that is why you just can’t deny the regular maintenance of wood very frequently.
  • Wrought iron requires almost no maintenance — You should be pretty happy reading this. Wrought iron once installed requires almost no maintenance. The paint that is put on it when it’s manufactured stays intact for decades no matter if it’s exposed to extreme heat or moisture. And even the matter of rust and corrosion isn’t seen in the specially designed wrought iron gates.
  • Wood is strong but not tough — Yes, we aren’t denying that wood is a strong material for gates. But it is not that tough enough to prohibit crumbling when attacked with something heavy.
  • Wrought iron gates are super strong — Wrought iron gates are super tough and sturdy. Like, if any large tree falls on it, it won’t budge. In short, you can guarantee maximum security if you are installing a wrought iron gate on your property.
  • Wooden gates are available in various shades — Wooden gates give a nice aesthetics to your property. You can choose them in your favorite shades and they have the power to provide a decent classy look to your home.
  • Wrought iron gates are crafted to perfection— Wrought iron gates can actually be a pure example of art and excellence. They are specially curated as per your choice and the designs available are certainly mind-blowing.

Now, we hope it will be easier for you to choose your pick! (By the way- we think wrought iron wins the race!) 

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