Think Beyond the Wood When Choosing Timber for Decking!


Outdoors can look enthralling with an addition of a cool deck. And the deck can be made of various materials. There are composites, concrete, fibre and even wood to choose from. And most of us are tempted by the wooden option for the same. And why not, hardwood is the best and long lasting option for decks. The one option that’s being commonly used across the globe regardless of the climatic variations.

But if you are first time deck owners and are going to buy the wood for the same, then there are some tips especially for you. You would be thinking that adding a timber deck meant just getting some wood and having it fitted by a worker, that’s it! But, for practical purposes, your quality of wood, its shape, size and width do matter a lot too. If you are picking up any kind of wood without much study and considerations, then you can actually get timber that wouldn’t suit your purpose perfectly.

Important points to consider when choosing the right wood for your deck!

No one desires a deck that’s not strong enough for your property! And wood being the strongest one is obviously your first preference. But choosing the right and most suitable wood is essential too. This can be done by checking the following criteria:

  • The species — Decking timber can be available in numerous species. There are teak, bamboo, oak, etc. You can go for the family whose properties you like the most. If you like a certain colour like red or dark brown wood, choose the wood that’s good in your preferred colour. Also, you can select the type of wood that suits the weather best or matches with your interior décor.
  • Thickness of the wood — The thickness of the wood also impacts the total finishing of your deck. Most of the time, the thinner the wood is, the lower the cost you must pay. But sometimes the lower budget choice isn’t always good, and the thinner wood isn’t always strong enough. 
  • Width — You can decide the width of the wood according to the design your architect suggests for timber decking in Perth, Top Deck Carpentry would not only design for you, but also supply the excellent quality woods to your place in the size and width you desire. Sometimes darker shades with narrow width may look fabulous in decks, while the lighter shades look more attractive in broader variation.
  • Ease of Maintenance — Always be practical about the amount of time you can dedicate to the deck maintenance. Though mostly woods require the least efforts to keep them clean and prim, there can be issues of some types of wood in certain climates which do require a good amount of maintenance (and may impact your choice).
  • Cost of the wood — Some of the timber options are costly enough to dig a huge hole in your pocket. And most of us think twice before spending so much on decks. That’s why consider the types of wood that you can afford, and then choose one to buy for your deck.  

These pointers are essential to consider when you are opting for the perfect wood for your deck. And when everything mentioned above is studied well, we are sure you would get the most exciting timber decking for your home!

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