What’s the Best Cannabis for Anxiety?


Are you struggling with anxiety?

Studies show that over 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety. It can be difficult for many to seek help for their anxiety or take prescription medication. However, more are looking into cannabis for mental health.

In this article, we talk about how cannabis can help and the best cannabis for anxiety. Read on to find out more.

Cannabis for Anxiety

There’s plenty of debate in the media about medical marijuana and mental health. Most people focus on reports about how cannabis can sometimes have psychoactive effects. However, this isn’t always the case, as stated in this WSU study.

The study shows that cannabis can reduce feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. They found that patients got temporary relief, which aids in preventing panic attacks.

A recurring question in users’ minds is, “Can I get a medical marijuana card for anxiety?” The answer is yes. All you need is a recommendation from a physician and to fill out an application for it.

Studies show that medical cannabis can even help chemotherapy patients. This article talks more about the different benefits of medical cannabis delivery.

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica

Sativa strains are the most common as it produces a euphoric high. It can cause your brain to be more active, which some enjoy, but to others, it may make your anxiety worse. Sativa has a higher THC ratio which has more psychoactive properties.

Indica strains are less common but are more recommended for people with anxiety. This strain generates a more calming and relaxing effect. Unlike Sativa, Indica strains have a higher CBD ratio.

If you’re looking for immediate relief from your anxiety, go with an Indica strain. If not, you might want to try a Sativa or hybrid strain.

Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

We’ve compiled a few of the most popular cannabis strains to help you find the best option for yourself. Find what’s best for you.


This is a CBD-dominant strain that puts you in a calm and centered mental state. This has virtually no intoxicating effects and is often used by medical patients. The AC/DC strain helps soothe most anxiety symptoms.

Granddaddy Purple

This strain is a THC-dominant that guides you towards a peaceful mindset. It also promotes relaxation throughout your body. Granddaddy Purple is the best option if your anxiety comes with a chronic pain condition.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is another THC-dominant strain that brings a happy and bright effect to your mind. If you’re looking for a positive mood booster, this is the strain for you. Although, you have to remember to be careful when your thoughts are racing as it may not work as well.


This is a balanced THC to CBD ratio strain. This strain gives milder effects that are easier to handle. If you’re using cannabis for the first time, Canna-Tsu is a great place to start.

Finding the Best Cannabis for Anxiety

We hope that this article gives you a better understanding of the best cannabis for anxiety. With the right strain, you can use cannabis as an effective medication for anxiety. It’s all about knowing how your anxiety operates and finding the best strain for you.

Are you new to CBD? Check out our other blog posts and find more guides on using cannabis for the first time.

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