What Makes Marmorino Plaster So Popular?


Plaster is one of the oldest and most crucial inventions of the human world. As the years have passed, several types of plasters have entered the market. Each of them has a different chemical composition and offers a different texture and outlook. While there are multiple types of plasters available for people to choose from, there is one that’s making its individual mark. This is one of the lime plasters and is known by the name marmorino.

This plaster is made up of lime, marble powder, and finely crushed marble sand. Hands down, this plaster is the most popular and recommended one in the entire world. Are you interested in knowing more about this plaster that actually dates back to as old as the Roman Era? Well, yes it can be found in several ancient remnants of the Roman civilization. It’s also known as the classic Venetian plaster as it was primarily used in the Venetian lagoons post 15th century. The use of this plaster is going viral in the world. If you too want to use the ever famous marmorino plaster, Stucco Veneziano, one of the most trusted suppliers in the UK will help you. They offer the best of quality, environmental friendly, polished plasters at competitive prices.

Reasons why People Love Marmorino Plaster:

If you are one of those people who are thinking of renovating your home or giving your office the much-needed makeover, yet you are confused about which plaster to choose, trust us — marmorino is the only choice you have got. You can go for services that offer polished plaster in London.  No other wall finish is the same as a highly durable and water resistant marmorino finish.

  • Versatility: Marmorino, also known as Lime Spatula is made up of calcium oxide. It has a number of different applications. This plaster is especially famous due to the different types of finishes that can be achieved with it. They are perfect to be applied on pre-existing latex paint, primed sheetrock, primed wood etc.
  • Ecological: This plaster choice is known for its durability. It’s highly resistant to water and is environment friendly. When it comes to matters of the environment, it absorbs carbon dioxide and regulates humidity. It also contains no toxins or harmful gases.
  • Elegant finish: This lime based plaster is used for both exteriors and interiors. It gives off an elegant matte finish as compared to the traditional shiny Venetian plaster. So, if you want to create subtle, mesmerizing textured walls, this is the one for you.
  • Wide colour palette: Another good thing about this finish is that it can be created in several different colours. You can choose from a wide range of colour combinations. It is also used to create more of a natural look on the walls. This lime plaster is generally quite lustrous and the various colours give it the look of different textures. So, it aesthetically enhances the appeal of your homes.
  • Easy maintenance: This plaster is perfect for places where there’s need of cleanliness. They prevent the growth of mould and mildew. And they can be cleaned quite easily. So, the make the room and environment feel much fresher and clean.
  • Different techniques: The best part about this plaster is that different techniques can be applied to it. It can be designed as such to give a finish that suits your liking. Be it a satin one, or a rough stone look or brick-like one, or a glossy, or a matte one, name it and it shall be yours.

So, these were the main reasons that are behind the growing popularity of this type of plaster. It’s perfect to be chosen for homes that want function as well as aesthetics. So, it’s your turn now to hop onto the marmorino bandwagon, isn’t it?


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