What Is a Cabinet Cooler (and Why Are They So Important?)


How important is it to protect your electronics from overheating? Keeping your electronics cool with cabinet coolers lengthens their period of usefulness and enhances their performance.

Do you want to extend the life of your electronics and manufacturing equipment? It’s time to explore under cabinet coolers, cooler cabinet furniture, or the like for your business.

Technology and compressed air come together and provide a long-lasting cooling solution. 

Are you wondering, “What is a cabinet cooler, and why are they so important?” Keep reading to find out more about the technology that offers many benefits to your business. 

Cabinet Cooler Defined 

As electrical equipment became more and more sophisticated, the need to keep enclosures that house this equipment cool has grown immensely. 

When electronics operate at higher temperatures, there is more stress on the equipment. More stress means system failures and a shorter lifespan for the equipment.

Once complications like unexpected tripping, inconsistent output, and surprise system failures were traced back to higher temperatures, cooling systems seemed like the logical way to combat the problem. 

Cabinet coolers keep an electrical enclosure at an optimum temperature with airflow for the most efficient output. They use two different products that use air in opposite ways to cool things down. Let’s take a look. 

Open Loop Cooling

This type of cooling is a process where the fresh, cooler air from outside the chamber replaces the air inside the chamber. This type of cooling works when the available air supply is cool and clean and can do the job of removing the heat. 

In this type of system, the open-loop ventilation removes heat sometimes with small fans that exhaust the electrical cabinet. Optional filters also work to prevent aerosols, moisture, and dust from getting into the cabinet for cleaner air around the electronics. 

Closed-Loop Cooling 

The process of closed-loop cooling recycles the air inside the enclosure. It reuses or reconditions the air that’s already there. Your HVAC system uses a closed-loop to cool the air. 

Why use this type of system? Its purpose is to keep out contaminated air. If the ambient air contains dirt, oil, or corrosives, or is humid, it will damage the electrical system’s important components, cutting the life span of the system. 

Cooling the air this way keeps out contaminated air and humidity while still maintaining the optimum temperature. 

How They Work

Cabinet coolers use filtered, compressed air combined with vortex tube technology. There are no moving parts. They are very efficient in dirty, dusty, humid environments. There is the pressure within the tube that keeps out all contaminants so that the electrical system is protected from debris. 

The Benefits and Practical Features of Cooler Cabinets 

Why is it so important to have cooler cabinets for your electrical systems? Besides keeping the electrical components clean, there are other benefits as well. 

  • Control Temperature 

If you are located in a hot climate, temperatures can reach 105 degrees. Even in some cooler climates, high temperatures occur in the summer months. For a lot of devices, this is the maximum temperature at which these systems can be used.

It’s vitally important to keep the components at a temperature that allows them to work efficiently without stress on the system. 

  • Keeps Production Going 

When the electrical systems are working without interruption due to dirt or debris shutting things down, productivity is at an optimal level. No unexpected delays or shutdowns mean more money for your bottom line. 

  • Save Money 

Besides keeping productivity going, cooler temperatures for your electronics mean they’ll be working more efficiently, need fewer repairs, and will last longer so no need for premature replacement of parts and components. 

  • Use a Thermostat for Proper Control 

Do you use a thermostat with scheduled settings in your home to save money on electricity? You can do the same with cabinet coolers to stay in control of the temperature. You can set and forget it. Reduce your operating costs while saving energy and protecting your electronics.  

  • Keep the Whole Area Cool

When you use cabinet coolers for your electronic equipment, the whole area around them will be cooler and more comfortable as well. When the enclosure stays cool, it’s not radiating heat out into the rest of the warehouse, office, or plant. It’s a win-win for both the employees and the electrical systems. 

  • Affordable and Easy to Install

This type of cooling technology is affordable and easy to install even in smaller cabinets. It’s because the units are compact and easy to mount. Installation takes very little time. 

  • Low Maintenance

Because these coolers work without moving parts and with no dirt and dust getting in, there is less wear and tear on the system. When you don’t have to shut down for maintenance, you do not lose productivity or work time.

  • Inexpensive and Worth It

This advanced technology sounds expensive, but it’s surprisingly affordable. It’s worth the small investment because of its efficiency and reliability. 

Keeping things running smoothly without interruption is the goal and cabinet coolers help you achieve it at an affordable price. 

  • Added Luxury

Do some of your employees have personal fans at their desks? Regular air conditioning is often not enough to keep the temperature in your office at a comfortable level. Keep your office cooler with the added luxury of a cabinet cooler. 

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Do You Need a Cabinet Cooler in Your Office? 

Now that you know the importance of a cabinet cooler, will you add one to your office setup? Your employees will appreciate the more comfortable working conditions and your electronics will be protected. What could be better than cabinet “air conditioners”? 

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