What Are the Different Forms of Medical Marijuana?


Did you know that there are different forms of medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana has many benefits including treating chronic pain and depression. It has had medicinal use throughout Asia since about 500 BC. Now, Western medicine is turning its attention to the medical use of marijuana.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 36 states across the US. Recreational marijuana is also becoming legal. 15 states have now legalized recreational marijuana since 2012.

Now that more people have access to cannabis, different ways of ingesting it have also developed. For medical marijuana, it can come in various shapes, colors, forms, and styles. These varying forms offer different benefits appropriate for treating particular conditions.

If you’re unfamiliar with them and not sure which one you’ll prefer, then read on. Here are the different types of medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana can come in pills or capsules. They offer the same benefits as concentrates and flowers. Medical marijuana pills can contain 2 main compounds—THC and CBD.

The primary difference between these 2 is their psychoactive properties. THC has psychoactive properties including alertness and better creativity. Meanwhile, CBD has little to none.

Some people only want the health benefits without the sensation of being high. They usually opt for pills that have a higher CBD content and a lower THC content.

The bottles state the pills’ dosage in milligrams. This allows for patients’ easy control of consumption levels. This discreet consumption method is also convenient since you don’t need a vaporizer.

Experienced effects can vary by users. It’s usually reported that medical marijuana pills held ease inflammation, pain, and nausea. They can also help against insomnia and other ailments.

There are little to no side effects reported for medical marijuana pills. Yet each patient may experience different effects according to various individual factors.

Liquids or Tinctures

Medical marijuana liquids have a green color. The shade can range from light to dark depending on the plant material it’s extracted from. Liquids are also a form of tincture.

Tinctures come from a liquid extraction process. They’re created by soaking a substance in alcohol to release its active ingredient. This is the component that will have the strongest effect upon consumption.

For medical marijuana, THC is the active ingredient released by the tincture process. Liquids are usually consumed orally.

You can use droppers or sprays to administer each dose under the tongue. You can also use liquids with electric vape pens.

To produce effects like those of edibles, you can spray liquids on food. This delays the onset of effects and makes them last longer.


Edibles are one of the most popular forms of consuming medical marijuana. Taking the right dosage is also simple. Buy edibles that contain the specific dosage of your preference.

Edibles come in many forms and if there’s a certain food you like, there’s likely a version of it that’s infused with medical marijuana. Edibles can come in hard candies, lollipops, brownies, and cookies. You can also make homemade edibles.

Despite their convenience and variety, edibles take the longest for effects to set in. It can take 2 hours for edibles to take effect. It’s wise to avoid ingesting more until these 2 hours are up and you know the effects.

Most people find edibles to have a more intense effect than other forms of marijuana. Some report that edibles provide more pain relief long after the high has gone away. You can take edibles before sleeping and wake up pain-free yet without any high.

Edibles can also be more effective in smaller doses which can be more cost-effective.


Extracts derive straight from the cannabis plant. They’re consumed either through inhalation or vaporization.

Extracts also come in different forms. There’s shatter which is a smooth, transparent, wax-like substance. Shatter has higher levels of THC.

Meanwhile, regular marijuana wax is soft and opaque and has lower levels of THC. There’s also budder, which is creamy and has a butter-like consistency. Budder has higher THC.

Oils are also the more common form of medical marijuana extracts. They can have varying levels of THC.

Extracts draw out particular molecules from the cannabis plant. This gives patients different options to choose from according to their needs.

There are various medical marijuana strains like Indica and Sativa. Each has its own distinct effects and benefits.

Choose one of the strains of medical marijuana suitable for your condition. Check here if you’re looking for “medical marijuana near me“.


One of the forms of medical marijuana that’s growing in popularity is topicals. They differ from the traditional means of oral ingestion. Instead, topicals offer localized pain relief and anti-inflammation.

Topicals can come in the form of gels, creams, lotions, and ointments. They’re applied straight onto the skin.

Topicals work by binding to receptor networks present throughout the body. Yet they penetrate only this network and are unable to reach the bloodstream. Because they don’t go into the bloodstream, topicals are completely non-psychoactive.

Topicals smell like marijuana although lotions can come in scented or unscented variants. Topicals usually take an hour for the effects to set in. People suffering from skin conditions that cause pain or soreness like its localized effects.


You can apply medical marijuana patches on veinous areas of the body. This allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream. Patches offer long-lasting effects and are an effective form of consumption.

Different types of patches isolate different cannabinoids. This includes CBD, THC, CBN, and THCA. These various options provide different benefits.

For example, CBD patches can reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, CBN patches can help with sleep.

One of the main benefits of patches over other types of consumption is the duration of the effects. The slow release of the cannabinoids allows patches to offer an all-day or all-night effect.

Try These Different Forms of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has many benefits and there are different ways to administer it. The different forms of medical marijuana include pills, liquids, extracts, and topicals. Each of these will have its own particular advantage.

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