Want to make your Hired Wedding Car Look Gorgeous? Start Taking Notes!


Wedding days are truly special. No one can deny that. It is the day when your entire life changes in a blink of an eye, as you get united with the love of your life legally. What more can you ask for! People often dream about their wedding day ever since childhood. So, even if you have planned your wedding ever since you watched those Disney Princess movies, it is nothing surprising! Weddings are beautiful, but there are a lot of things that have to be taken care of.

So, nothing can be too much planning when it comes to designing your wedding day logistics. It is such an emotional day, that even if a minor glitch happens, it can really stress you out. So, starting from your make up appointment to your conveyance, everything should be planned out beforehand. If you really want to hire a luxury car for the day, you can look for chauffeur service in London. Take Jag offers the most stunning fleet of jaguar along with the best possible service.

Ways in which you can decorate wedding car

What can be better than arriving in style to your own wedding! Even though that lovely white dress will be turning heads, but arriving in a jaguar will make the jaws drop. Those ravishing cars will make your entrance look a hundred percent more regal. However, even if you are going for luxury wedding car hire in London, you can still add some extra zing. To make the entrance even grander, you can decorate the stunning car! Here’s how-

  • Flower: Now, no one can deny the power of flowers! Flowers make everything look nicer and will add a feminine touch to the car. You can choose from a wide range of flowers. The best part is, you can even choose flowers according to your wedding theme or the season. If you want that classic look, you can go for red and white roses. For an elegant and lavish effect, you can place a garland made out of pastel coloured flowers across the hood. For added details, you can even add small arrangement of similar flowers on every door handles. You can even hang bouquets on the side mirrors. You can go as simple or as elaborate as your heart desires.
  • Labels: Labels like “just married” are typical. You can still use the sign to make it look cute. But, you can ditch this typical label, and make up something funny and/or personal (that would still indicate that it’s your D-day). You can add cans to those labels for a 70’s feels. You can even use a wooden label and surround it with foliage and wild flowers to give a more natural look. You can use whatever font you feel like and also use labels in various shapes.
  • Ribbons: For adding that extra pop, you can always use ribbons and bows. Always try to use ribbon of a contrasting colour so that it stands out significantly. You can run ribbons along the car lines to make your car’s shape accentuate a lot more. You can even add a large and cute bow on the front or back bumper to symbolize “tying knot”.
  • Wreath: For a very sober yet elegant look, you can use a wreath. You can place the wreath on the back trunk of the car. There is no need of using a plain looking wreath. You can get creative there too. You can use heart-shaped and other cute looking wreaths as well.

These are the few ways by which you can decorate the hired wedding car. Since it is a hired vehicle, make sure none of your decorations keep any permanent footprint (spraying it a different colour or painting motifs on the car, etc)! Other than that, you can get as creative as your heart desires to give your hired luxury car that additional oomph factor.


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